Maglula Magazine Loader from Mag Lula / Butler Creek

I never really minded loading up a magazine or two for some basic shooting but when I spend a full range day it can get kind of old.  I have fooled around with a lot of magazine loading tools over the years but nothing until now really seemed to have a cost to performance ratio that I found acceptable.

About a month ago a listener sent me a video about the Mag Lula Magazine Loader for the AR15 from Maglula / Butler Creek wanting to know if it worked as good as it appeared to.  So I ordered one from and I have not been disappointed for a second with it.

I figured with Christmas coming this might be a good time to post this review.  If you have a shooter in your family that shoots the AR of any of the weapons they make a loader for I can promise you they will love one of these.  You can find this loader and loaders for other guns like the AK, Uzi, MP5, Universal Pistol, FN FAL and others at this link

11 Responses to Maglula Magazine Loader from Mag Lula / Butler Creek

  1. I highly recommend these for rifle and for pistol. You’ll spend less time loading and more time shooting. Plus, you definitely save your thumbs. =-]

  2. I have one of these for pistol mags and they are superb! Highly recommended. They are slightly expensive but I think they are totally worth it.

  3. We have used one for the pistol for over a year my wife could not load her magazine without one.

  4. Yep, the LULA mag loaders/unloaders are definitely worth the money and work like they say. I have one for my FAL and it works great. I have a Universal LULA for the pistol mags and it works on all of my pistol mags, including the Makarov 9×18 mm. Loads em up just fine and easy on the thumbs. Get some.

  5. They also make the one called the stripLula which in my opinion is a little faster for loading and with the advantage of being able to load rounds on stripper clips. They have a video on youtube worth looking at.

  6. I have the LUTU for both the Glock and the AR-15. They really are worth the money. I became convinced after I took a handgun training class where we fired over 800 rounds in one day. The thumbs would have been really sore after that much magazine loading.

  7. The AR15 one is well worth it even if only used to unload mags.
    The UZI one makes a huge difference as the long pistol caliber subgun mags tend to be rough on thumbs.

    They are easy to misplace in a pile of range bag pockets so I have attached them to lanyards using the pre-drilled holes on the flanges.

  8. I wish they had these for the .22LR. Those are what really kill your fingers. Does anyone have a .22LR loader?

  9. Jack, you will love the universal pistol loader (Uplula) It will load many pistol magazines in many calibers. Many times, the pistol mags are more of a pain to load, but the uplula makes it quick, easy, and fun!

  10. These mag loaders are great. I’m always the guy who is the slowest to load my mags when I’m shooting with guys. Not any more.

  11. Hey Jack,

    They have one for pistol mags that is great. Will work with everything from my .380 to my .45

    Definitely worth the $25