Lots of Interviews in the Next Two Weeks

In an effort to keep content fresh and new I have been striving to do more interviews.  Here is what you can expect between now and December 15th on the interview front with TSP.

  • December 8th – Writer and Off Grid Resident Cam Mather discusses his new book on hard times gardening and living an independent life – (Cam’s Website)
  • December 9th – AOCS Founder Rob Gray on gold, silver, copper, barter currencies and more. – (Rob’s Website)
  • December 14th – Survival Trainer Sam Coffman of “The Human Path” Joins us to talk about wilderness and urban survival skills – (Sam’s Website)

I hope the effort to round up this awesome line up of guests and other recent interviews such as Dave Canterbury’s and Mike’s on Container Construction demonstrate my commitment to keep the content on TSP constantly fresh, updated and new.  At times we will revisit fundamentals but I also what to make sure I am constantly bringing you new and useful information for your walks in self sufficiency and liberty.

These will be some great shows, if you have anything in particular you want asked of any of the above guests post it in the comments below.  The only interview already recorded is Brand Shelton’s so act now while you have the opportunity.

12 Responses to Lots of Interviews in the Next Two Weeks

  1. Great news to hear. I really enjoy the interview episodes. Well, I enjoy them all, but you know what I mean 😉

  2. Thanks Jack! Love hearing interviews.

  3. Look forward to all of them.

  4. Good stuff! Will look forward to each one of these. Thanks for keeping it fresh.

  5. I would like your wife as a guest to talk about medical stuff

  6. Great to hear about all of the upcoming interviews. I’ve really enjoyed last year’s shows with Cam Mather and Rob Gray.

    Any chance you could bring Ron Hood back on?

    Anyway, thanks for doing these, I realize they probably require a lot more time to prepare.

  7. Modern Survival

    Ron’s been really tied up but yea, we plan to do a show about EDC with him.

  8. Good to see you got Marjory. You mentioned in past shows you were trying to get her on.

    Jack, do we get an email when our MSB is about to expire? I think I’m due soon


  9. I am so excited about all of these!!! They sound great. Thanks Jack!

  10. Modern Survival

    @Brent No, but if you are on paypal your sub will automatically renew at term. If you pay by check then yes, Dorothy emails out renewal reminders for those who pay manually.

  11. Mozartsgokart

    Great interview. Real world experience is the best to learn from. Get this guy back on for a follow up interview.