Episode-453- Listener Phone Calls 6-11-10

So it is another call in Friday despite the fact that the ass clowns doing directional boring shut down the neighborhoods power for a few hours.  Today the show was delayed, though I could have broadcasted on back up power it would have been hard to do a listener call show with out firing up the generator and waking up my night shift working neighbor.

Anyway we are back and ready to go, the final three calls by the way came in just this AM after I posted an alert on our Face Book Fan Page, if you are not our fan on Facebook, you should consider joining to get alerts like this via facebook.

Join me today as I take your calls on…

  • The effect of monetary policy on the American Revolution
  • Using coffee to deal with an allergic reaction
  • Using plantain as a drawing agent for infections of venomous bites
  • The eventual effect of the oil leak on gas prices
  • How to bug out to the forest if you must
  • Using gray water for irrigation and dealing with black water
  • How the Icelandic Volcano effected cardiac patients in the U.S.
  • What is the best choice for a “jump pack” for back up power
  • What are my top related books for new perspective preppers (check my book list)
  • How do you calculate what really equals a 30 or 60 day supply of food
  • Thoughts on container growing for the person who will be moving soon

Additional Resources for Today’s Show

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4 Responses to Episode-453- Listener Phone Calls 6-11-10

  1. I’m leaving Montana next week, and heading to a Zone 8-9 undisclosed location which is perma guerrilla heaven. If you still have the Host Gator ad up in a year, I’ll click it and bye hosting. I just got into another year with Blue Host, and everything has been fine. I noticed the prices are slightly lower at Host Gator. Thanks for answering my question and making it part of your show.

  2. For anyone looking for books, try http://www.alibris.com/. You can search and find lots of out-of-print books and low-cost copies of recent books for modest charges and relatively low shipping costs (and there are coupons available, once you become a customer). Buying used or remaindered books stretches your budget and builds up your personal library fast.

  3. Modern Survival

    Good tip Donna, I also buy from Half.com on occasion. We also have two local branches of a store called Half Price Books here in Arlington. When I want a book that isn’t a new release I always call them first, if they have it I go pay cash and keep the money in the local economy and of course pay less too.

    On new releases unless something is illustration/photo intensive I pretty much buy everything on my kindle now. The Kindle app for the iPhone is BAD ASS by the way.

  4. Great timing on the Power Dome question, I was just researching one of those!

    Ordered one and it is awesome. Now to save up for a couple more including one for the house. Thanks.