Episode-343- Listener Feedback 12-23-09

Today I am at home and wanted to take the opportunity to do another listener feedback episode.  We discuss some political things today like China’s role in global government and the new health care bill that just came out of the senate.  We also discuss some more traditional topics like firearms selection and training, using swales for permaculture and we even get to read another “hate email” to me.

We also make a few announcements today that include our awesome new survival forum theme designed by SisterWolf who is also one of the forces behind the TSP Gear Shop.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • Why are thing like tax increases and public funding of abortion in the health care bill
  • Why some form of this bill is going to be passed even though most Americans don’t want it
  • The sob story we are going to hear from Blue Dogs and RINOs about the eventual compromise
  • The one hope we really still have to prevent national health care, it isn’t in the House and Senate
  • What is a swale, how does it work, why do you want them
  • How do you create swales in flat desert land
  • Is TSP now “all about the money”
  • Why growing your own food is a path to freedom
  • Why the modern survival community is feared by many, be proud of it folks
  • Thoughts on choosing a first gun, getting training, etc

Resources for today’s show…

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7 Responses to Episode-343- Listener Feedback 12-23-09

  1. Bravo… Bravo…
    You do us all proud..
    do you take paypal?

  2. Delores Newman

    Thanks for all the help. Will use it wisely. If we just use the Constitution and Amendments to our advantage we will come out of this. We are really not under their control. They just make us think we are. God bless and Merry Christmas.

  3. I heard today on fox news that 6 or 7 attorney generals have or are going to file a lawsuit against the healthcare.Also the gov of Nebraska is really ticked off at the state senator for making behind closed door dirty deals.What gets me is that these jerks seem to think that they cant be voted out of office.

  4. Jack,
    About your assclown today , I think its mostly jealousy for him and many others. After all you have accomplished much for only being 37.
    Wishing you that better life,

  5. Jack,

    You made a comment about whether or not the people are ready to clean house. A complete and total overhaul.

    I think the people are ready. It used to be just the militas that were rattling the bars and saying it was time. If you have been lisening recently the \"Tea Party People\" for lack of a better name, are the roudy bunch…and they are on the move.

    BOTH parties have made a drastic tactical error on this series of legislation. The people are done just taking it. The people have had enough.

    I think we are almost there…and I also believe that we are ready to do what must be done to take back the Republic.

    Keep up the great work.


  6. Jack:
    It seems that the Senate has passed the \"test vote\" on healthcare. (Grrr!) Of course, I expected no better from them. Now Dodd is comparing what they have done to what George Washington did – crossing the Delaware. (Good grief!)
    I will not miss the 2010 election! Clean house!

  7. Loved the show! Listened to parts of it twice… Thanks, Jack.