Episode-297- Listener Calls Answered 10-14-09

OK I am at home in my home office dealing with some sort of crud the wife brought home from her doctors office.  So I dove into the massive caller question backlog.

Tune in today as I answer…

  • Thoughts on creating your own guaranteed investments (sort of like an annuity)
  • Thoughts about setting up and running a home based business
  • Where silver fits in a barter economy, the phases of civil break down and why cash will be king at first
  • Why talk show host Dave Ramsey is right about debt but dead wrong about silver and gold
  • What to do when you have to evac your home before you leave
  • Thoughts on buying a home with a well and a septic tank what to look out for
  • What works and doesn’t work for long term food storage
  • Thoughts on the EMP threat and how to harden electronics

Resources for today’s show…

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4 Responses to Episode-297- Listener Calls Answered 10-14-09

  1. Don’t forget about inflation on the US dollar, your 7% will be more like 1% after inflation hits the value of the dollar. A better way would be to store it in gold or silver. Thats if you have a house already.

  2. Sounds like somebody needs to prep and store some prerecorded podcasts for those internal emergencies. Thanks for plugging through todays show. Hope you get better soon and it’s nothing too bad.

  3. Jack – great show – one question about Silver and silver eagles especially:In a post SHTF world silver would of course be more valuable than paper money eventually – but how will its value be determined, as it says \"1 dollar\" on the silver eagle though of course its\’ worth much more. Right now if I sold my eagles back to a bank they\’d pay what they are worth but if I wanted to sell to a neighbor they probably would not know what they are worth and point out that they are \"1 dollar, like it says on the coin\" and not want to pay their value or trade accordingly. Will this all change as paper money loses its value? I am confused about their current and future value, I guess, can you please clarify?

  4. Charles in New Orleans, If you are not already on the forum, join and post your question in the Region 5 area.

    To add to Jack’s response…if you put stuff on the second floor, remember the roof can be ripped off and rain will destroy the second floor. It’s not an easy answer.

    Matt (War Eagle Scout)
    formerly of Chalmette, Metairie, and now in Covington.