Episode-573- Listener Calls 12-17-10

Today we have one of the best line ups of really diverse calls in a long time.  Tune in today to learn about AC vs. DC for solar and wind, growing squash in a forest garden, using hardtack, important changes to FSAs, raising rabbits in the cold and more.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • Ben Bernanke says the Fed used “its own reserves” to execute QEII (fact or fiction)
  • Growing squash in mounds vs. using rain harvest or do both
  • Grinding hardtack, does it result in “four” or something else
  • Changes to your FSA that could cost you big time
  • Raising rabbits cold and hot weather challenges
  • How to know what sources to trust with survival advice
  • Dealing with having your name on another person’s mortgage
  • Harvesting tree nuts like pine, oak and hickory
  • DC vs. AC devices with solar and wind power
  • Thanking vets and taking care of the wounded and families of the fallen
  • Advantages of psychological well being types of preps
  • Spiritual methods of dealing with hard times
  • Dealing with extreme abundances of  fruit

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8 Responses to Episode-573- Listener Calls 12-17-10

  1. I listen to your podcasts while I paint. What an education! You are fantastic. I’ve been posting the link to your site and/or podcasts at http://www.theunitedstatesdejuregovernment.org/
    which does have over 20,000 members and is growing FAST. Dave Mack is in Dallas and Michael Badnarik is in Grapevine. http://www.constitutionpreservation.org/content/home-page-headline
    I had the pleasure of attending Badnarik’s Intro to the Constitution class. Been a fan of his for years. What a JOY to meet him in person. Got him and Dave Mack to meet…really felt like I did a huge thing for my country on that accomplishment. They are both working with Sheriff Mack (no relation to Dave). Dave is a great guy as is Michael. If you get a chance, do get in touch with them. I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Sheriff Mack but hope to one day. The more of us that join forces the better. Any one of the three would be superior guests for your show.

    God’s blessings to you. May He watch over you, protect you and shine His grace upon you. May He always light your path so that you not stumble on even a single pebble.


  2. Hi Jack,
    Love the show, long-time listener. Thought it might be important to point out that the thing you were discussing in one of the listener questions is a “quitclaim deed”. I don’t know if I misheard you, but it sounded like you said “quickclaim”, however, it appears that my fears that listeners would be misled were unfounded, because if you Google “quickclaim”, it only gives you entries for “quitclaim”. Isn’t it nice to know that Google knows just what you want, even when YOU don’t know yourself??

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Modern Survival


    Quit is what I meant,


  4. Raymond Butler

    Show 573
    I am a physically and mentally disabled combat veteran, I say this in order to answer a question from Josh from Middletown, Ct. My government makes me feel as though I am just dirt on the floor, but this young man’s question broke me down. I found myself sobbing on the floor. Someone thinks that my sacrifice was not for me but for my people, I am not a washed up piece of shit who was a fool to destroy myself. Thank you Josh today I have been reminded that I am a part of this country and not just a turd on the floor to be tread upon. You have allowed me to see that my service was not a waste and that my people do appreciate that service. My normal outlook is that being disabled is the best thing that ever happened to me mainly to keep me going. The government continually is trying to take away the benefits which were guaranteed to me should I get hurt, so I am only a hindrance to them. While in combat I was not fighting for the country I was fighting so that my men and I could survive, but the product was a benefit to the country, “Don’t fuck with us or we’ll do this to you” is that product. Thank you young man from a beat up old man you have done something for me that I can’t describe, BUT you did help me to resee the honor and pride of a soldier in the eyes of an old man, may your life and family be blessed.

    Raymond “Shorty” Butler
    Bastrop, Texas

  5. Jack, you need to transcribe or fine tune your and publish your “shareholder” talk. That was great and could be a great way to knock some cobwebs out of some people’s head.

  6. Not out until January, but pretty awesome! As a person who already owns a swiss army card, I’m definitely getting one.


  7. Modern Survival

    @Matt H,

    Finally a credit card I approve of!

  8. shooter_gregg

    The one thing you didn’t mention about DC current is the greater resistance losses of DC. You have to run much heavier wiring to overcome the losses. AC doesn’t have this limitation. It is comparable to the difference between a long drive belt on a machine (DC) that has to go all the way around both pulleys to transmit power vs. a connecting rod between two cranks (AC) that only has to move a short distance to transmit the power. There are more friction losses in the drive belt. The analogy isn’t 100% accurate but serves well enough.

    I know I am late to the comment on this topic, but worthwhile information.