Limited Tech Support Over the Week End

So I worked really hard this week and have shows set for today (already published) and one set for you guys tomorrow.  I am off the the BOL for a few days again to do some videos and check on my deer feeder project.  Hence I will be doing limited tech support via AT&Ts wireless network.  But this limits my overall Internet use plus I will be spending about 11 hours of drive time there and back.  So you should expect slow responses to tech support inquires while I am gone.

I will be back on Monday and we have a lot of stuff to discuss!

Jack Out!

2 Responses to Limited Tech Support Over the Week End

  1. Your comments today were great! I try to tell people all the time Romans always divide and conquer. If we as just people stick together we can overcome all the outrageous things going right now.

  2. I’ve purchased a number of items from Harbor freight. Getting their flyers can make for great savings. I’ve preshopped for Christmas picked up 1/2 dozen mini flashlights at buck a piece.

    So far I’ve been happy with all the tools.