Limited Edition Copper Free for All Until Sunday at Midnight

This Copper Round Will Be Minted Once Only and Can't be Purchased at Any Price.

This Copper Round Will Be Minted Once Only and Can’t be Purchased at Any Price.

Last update for a while I promise guys, frankly I need a break from all this but don’t want anyone misunderstanding the copper promotion.  I answered 5 emails this AM with people upset because they “missed the opportunity for the limited edition copper round”, that isn’t the case, that ain’t the deal.

The deal is once we hit 5,000 Sentinels which we have done all orders from the beginning of the launch to the end of the promotion get one free limited edition copper.  That means if you ordered any quantity of BU Sentinels that a free copper will ship with your order, and if you order anytime from right now until midnight central standard time Sunday night (5-12-13) you will get one with your order as well.

This is the deal I worked out with Rob, now make his copper press scream!  Remember this copper round will only ever be done one time, we are not selling them and never will.  Some have said, hey it is only a copper round.  Well, I am not promising anything but some AOCS limited coppers are selling right now on eBay for anywhere between 15-50 dollars or more due to their scarcity.

The real point though is it is an affinity piece.  Something only folks that helped out with the launch of the Sentinel will ever have.  Something to add to your “challenge coin” collection and something you can only get this one time.  So if you haven’t ordered any Sentinels yet, now would be a good time to do so.

Update – This Promotion Has Expired

20 Responses to Limited Edition Copper Free for All Until Sunday at Midnight

  1. If you have to spend money, its not free.

  2. S.O.B!!!!! You try to do something decent and someone comes along and pokes you in the eye for it!
    Steve – I’ll gladly give you my “free” copper round if you will promise to sell it and take that money and go buy some salt…………when you get the salt, just let me know and I will give you directions on where to pound it!
    Jack – Thank you. I understand what it is that you are doing and I think it’s great. I will continue to support you whenever I can. With honor, Crawford

    • Modern Survival

      DOH! Reminder to self, don’t drink coffee while scanning comments, I almost ruined my key board with coffee coming out my nose from that, LMAO. Very creative too!

      May be he should also note almost 3000 ounces were sold BEFORE the announcement and all of those people who bought the silver just to buy it are getting one too.

      • The New Mike

        Nope you’re wrong, I’m right, uhh because I said so. And uhm yeah no you’re a trickster because you hooked up a deal that benefits people who probably weren’t even expecting it, naturally at close to cost.

        Thanks for the free copper, It’ll go nicely with my debt and death….

  3. Say whatever you want. “Free, when you buy X” is marketing talk. That’s all I meant. You have your pet peeves. One of mine is “Free, when you buy X” I was arguing with someone this morning about something I bought that didnt work right. They said they would send me out something ‘free’ to fix it. I paid for the thing to begin with. It aint free if you pay for something.

    The coins you are selling might be a heck of a value. I have been thinking of buying some. But no matter how great a value, they aint free if I have to send you money. And that isn’t semantics.

    • Modern Survival

      Please don’t buy anything from me ever Steve I mean that it isn’t marketing talk. People like you are always more trouble then they are worth to deal with.

      And screw off and pound some of that salt @crawford mentioned. It is or more accurately was free, the cost of the coins and the shipping today is the same (save for the movement of silvers spot price) as it was over the weekend. During that time you got a free copper, now you don’t.

      The exact same price, the same shipping, etc. Do you get that? It isn’t free for everyone it was absolutely free to those that bought an item during a specific time. We didn’t say “just pay separate shipping and handling” or some bullshit like that.

      It must be shitty walking around assuming that everyone is out to screw you. And YES I meant it, do not buy from me. I don’t want your business, if you do I am NOT providing you any customer service, and I mean that. I do not want business from people like yourself.

    • Robert Hicks

      “Free, when you buy X” is marketing talk.” Well, considering I had already placed a order before any mention of the copper coin promotion was announced, I’m going to consider it as a bonus to my order that didn’t cost me anything extra. Suck it.

  4. what is wrong with you? I stated a fact. I didnt criticize you. I didnt criticize your business practice. I didnt say you did something unfair. I said that if you send money to someone for something it isn’t free.

    You have said hundreds of times you have a marketing background. Is it not true that “free when you buy X” is a common marketing practice? Why do you want to insult me? I wont give you any business if that is what you want. I dont understand why you took it so personal. Have it your way. I am a long time listener and enjoy your shows. Best of luck to you and sorry you feel the way you do about me.


  5. you may be a good podcaster, but you are an a-hole. I meant no insult and you take one and be a jerk about it. Good bye to you too.

  6. mike from nj

    Jack you said your podcast was free, but I had to buy a computer, then pay for electric and internet service. What gives? So I went to my local fast food place since they have a sign that says free internet. They told me to buy a burger or leave??? But the sign says free???

    BTW, I’m looking forward to my F-R-E-E coin. I ordered some bu and le coins at the open so it really is free for me. I paid for 10 coins, but I’ll get 11 in the box. My math might not be that good, I did go to votech school after all. But pay for 10 and get 11, sounds like one of those was free.

    • I can give you a link for a free smart phone if you want a free phone. I can give you several links for free cash also. Ashly furniture was giving away a free tv, but I think that ended. Sprint is giving away free tablets, if you want a free tablet. I think I can find some free appetizers if you want some free food.

      • Modern Survival

        Ah shucks you acted like a dick and got called out for it, by more then just me by the way. Did that hurt your feelings. I ain’t a dick I just don’t take shit from people.

        I did something nice and for the people that got it, well it was fricken free, if that is a problem for you then I mean it I don’t want your damn business.

        You said you listen to my business podcast, how many times have you heard me talk about firing a customer?

        • To be truthful, it kind of does hurt to be told I am not welcome here anymore. I meant no insult (until I called you an a-hole) and wish this hadn’t happened. But I dont think I am wrong, and I certainly dont think I started the shit throwing. But its your place to say.

        • Modern Survival

          @steve I never said you were not welcome I said don’t but anything from me and if you do I won’t provide you customer service. The reason is an person that acts like you have doesn’t even qualify for the time it takes to give you this response, though I am doing it anyway.

  7. I really wanted one of the copper rounds, but the cows rioted and we had to go fix fence…. ;( Oh well, maybe next time!! Keep up the good work!! Enjoy the show.