Episode-2000- How Liberty Creates Inequality and Why that’s Good

There is a fallacy out there masquerading as a universal truth, and that is that our goal in society should be equality for all.  That inequality should be eliminated, period.  Politically many people have many different views on how that should be done, however the average person would agree that inequality is a bad thing, and should be eliminated.

The truth though is while the definition of inequality has been changed by the politically correct you can’t ignore the root of the word.  It is formed from two parts,

In this case the prefix “in” indicates a negative, as in the word “not”.

The component equality comes from the word equal as in each part, person, etc, get the same thing.

In other words inequality means “not equal”.  So some get more than others, some get less.

What we have done is made inequality the same as or equal to injustice, which means a lack of fairness or justice or simply “not just”.

These two things are not the same thing.

If you think I am splitting hairs tune in today because this is a critical thing to understand when discussing liberty with others.

Join Me Today to Discuss…

  • What is an inequity
  • What is an injustice
  • How liberty reduces injustice but increases inequality
  • Why this is a great thing and we should stop trying to create equality
  • No, everyone doesn’t even have an equal opportunity and that can’t ever happen
  • What would a society built solely on equal justice look like

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9 Responses to Episode-2000- How Liberty Creates Inequality and Why that’s Good

  1. clayfarmer

    Congratulations on Episode 2000 Jack. The show has definitely been life-changing for me, and I know that’s true for many, many others as well. Here’s to 2000 more.

  2. Congrats on episode 2000 as well Jack. You are the primary reason I moved my family out of the standard subdivision and onto 5.5 acres in the rural fringe. We moved in about one year ago exactly, and the first year was primarily focused on making the wife happy with the house. This year we got chickens and I just put them outside for the first night last night. Today I planted my first 16 fruit trees. Next up is the garden!

    Thank you so much Jack!

  3. Let me also offer my congratulations. I am currently enjoying a salad with chives and lettuce grown in my garden, and am working on a beautiful edible landscape partly due to your influence.

  4. Congrats on 2000 episodes Jack….an eternity in the world of podcasts. Congratulations.

  5. “Retarded” … “Retarded” I can’t even begin to tell you how offended I am for using that term. I am getting ready to cancel my MSB and quit listening to your show unless you swear to stop using that word. If you feel you have to make any reference to that condition, please use the politically correct term “WATER HEAD”

    Git Er Done

  6. inequality = diversity

    Whether you want to see the social justice words or the monoculture words

  7. And to take it back to numbers… 3 is not equal to six…. Which is better? Are you playing basketball or golf?