Let’s Roll – Time to Ramp Up to Episode 1,000

Right about the beginning of the fall of 2012 TSP is going to reach an increadible achievement, Episode 1,000.   Episode 1,000 will be just like…

Except that it will bigger and include more members of the audience then ever before.  Please consider calling in for this show, I have set up a special 800 number just for this show to help me easily sort out all call for this show.  This number is ONLY for calls for episode 1,000, please use the THINK line for regular calls.

The number is 866-691-5353

For those that called into 224 and 550, please consider calling for episode 1,000 as well, it has been a long journey.  Episode 550 was 144 minutes long, I am expecting episode 1,000 to more than double that.

You are not alone folks, join me in sending that message to all of those out there looking to change their lives toward liberty in Episode 1,000.

4 Responses to Let’s Roll – Time to Ramp Up to Episode 1,000

  1. Outdoorfury

    What is the deadline to call in?

  2. What do you want in the subject line for pictures for the video?

  3. Congrats Jack.

    Gary V. only made it to 1,000 on WLTV! Keep on crankin brother.