Last Reminder about the 10 Year Anniversary Tickets

Just one quick reminder here, tomorrow at 9 AM Central time tickets become available for the 10 Year Anniversary Party that will be on the 11th of August.

There is no charge to sign up, but the first 50 will get in free the second 50 will have to pay 25 dollars at the door.  We are providing food for everyone, the bar is a cash bar and you can order what you want from the bar.  Full details are here.

Tomorrow at 9 AM central I will put a link in the MSB, it will be on the HOME PAGE in BOLD LETTERS at the top of the main page when you log in.  Just click the link and fill out the form.  Full details will follow after you sign up including if you were one of the first or second 50 to sign up.

Again to find the link log in to the MSB at 9 AM central.  MSB Members get first crack, I don’t think any will be left beyond that.

2 Responses to Last Reminder about the 10 Year Anniversary Tickets

  1. James Brown

    Maybe I’m missing the BOLD LETTERS, but I don’t see it.