Episode-961- John Kohler of GrowingYourGreens.com

John Kohler - "Start Gardening Yesterday"

John Kohler – “Start Gardening Yesterday”

John Kohler has been growing food for over 12 years.  Just 3 years ago he decided to expand his garden to include his whole front yard in his standard 6000 square foot suburban lot.

He has filmed the process of converting his yard from consumer to producer.  He entire property is now dedicated to the production of edible plants.

John’s transformation of the property has created what he calls his own “personal grocery store”, where he currently grows 90-95% of the vegetables he consumes.  He feels, “every American should have started growing their own food yesterday.”

John Joins Us Today To Discuss…

  • How and why to start growing your own food
  • Why growing our own food is so important
  • The best things preppers can grow to be more sustainable
  • The best thing to use to improve fertility in your garden
  • The most important acts you can take to create food sovereignty
  • Some of his recent successes and learning experiences
  • How he prevents theft in community gardens
  • How to share the gift of gardening with others

Resources for Today’s Show…

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19 Responses to Episode-961- John Kohler of GrowingYourGreens.com

  1. Wow, thanks Jack, I’ve been listening to John now for two years. Good catch.

    Now how about Niki Jabbour from up my way (Nova Scotia)

    She has lots of energy and has a weekly show up here on Sunday

    • she also has a book about vegetable gardening all winter and why it is possible even if you don’t live in the south.

  2. I love John’s channel. It is great to hear you had him on your program. I enjoy the fact that he goes to different places and reports what they are doing. The public park that has garden and the expo. I like the guests he has on (cute woman from brazil 😉

  3. Yeah, John on TSP, awesome :-). Have been a follower of his channel for about 2 years, and try to implement some of what he teaches in my own backyard. Found out about lots of cool crops I would like to grow next year due to him.

  4. I’m happy he went into detail about the rock dust. I am trying to get our local greenhouse to supply it. They never heard of it, but they are looking into it for me. It makes complete sense, no minerals in soil=no minerals in food. John’s energetic style is probably why he is popular. It shows through. And John, thanks for the video of the Texas Tomato Cages.

  5. Dr. Kathy Kardaras

    Began with 3 raised gardens this year, 4 x 8′, 12″ high. Loaded them w/mushroom compost/soil/sand/peat. Giant eggplant, beans, peas, peppers, cantaloupe, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers. Also planted blueberries and strawberries in planters, and raspberries and grapes. I live in the middle of Chicago and so far only 1/3 of the space, but next year…..

    • Hank Curmudgeon

      I live in the near West suburbs (OP/FP area). Would you be willing to host a visit? I am thinking about doing the same with my backyard but am a bit lost with getting started and would like to see a raised bed garden first hand. I can be reached at “il tr ng (at) hot mail”. (Remove spaces.)

  6. Chad Philpott

    Bring John back for another show! Love his channel.

  7. Wow another sync /coincidence/ show as I was just last week checking youtube for juicer reviews and came across this man’s very helpful channel:

    Nice subject for a show, keep the variety of content coming.

    How about more skill-orientated shows, for example: welding, carpentry, etc.

  8. This is awesome, though my neighbors would report me if turned my entire front yard into a food production paradise. 🙁 Anyone know how John deals with his neighbors? Mine would freak if they saw the growth that he has.

    • lisapaintergirl

      My neighbors would freak too. My sister in Florida has turned her entire yard into an edible jungle. She applied for and got signs that are displayed in her yard that read, “Certified Natural Wildlife Habitat”

      • Did you guys ask them yet? Maybe they would like to grow food as well. I wanted to have a greenhouse in my back yard, and didn’t wanna go though paperworks for it, which is required here, so just asked all surrounding neighbours if they would have a problem with my greenhouse. Non had, so just built it.

        First of all, have a good relationship with your neighbours, second, keep ik clean and non-stinky, and third……. share, give them some if you’ve got enough.

  9. love it when my interests cross over on a podcast! this is almost as good as hearing rob wolf on the joe rogan experience.

  10. Great stuff John. So glad I found out about you. Couldn’t agree more with the “food over grass” mentality. Grass is such a pointless waste of resources…Keep on rockin man…

  11. Been watching John for a while now. He actually inspired me to do my front yard boxes. Thanks Jack. .http://thesurvivalpodcast.com/forum/index.php?topic=33508.0

  12. Regarding mercury, Chris Kresser has an excellent podcast on this topic. The short story is that when you eat fish with mercury, in most cases there are other elements in the fish that essentially block the mercury from being absorbed into your body. So with regard to fish, it’s basically a non-issue.

    His site is here.

  13. In the show I think Jack mentioned a video about someone selling grass if it were introduced tomorrow. I’ve been looking, but haven’t been able to find it. Anyone got a link?

  14. That was funny about the okra! I’m wondering now if my neighbors think that’s what I’ve been growing instead of okra.