Episode-1255- Keith Snow on Thanksgiving Cooking for 2013

Chef Keith Snow of Harvest Eating

Tune in today for a special edition of The Survival Podcast with Chef Keith Snow. Keith is the creator of HarvestEating.com which focuses on eating seasonally and cooking with food you can grow in your backyard of obtain locally.

He is also a daily listener to our show and shares many common ideals with the Survival Podcast audience.

So I thought who better to bring on the air in preparation for Thanksgiving then Chef Keith.

Whether you are going though having the “in laws” over for the first time or just want to have the best Thanksgiving meal you ever cooked, today’s show is for you.

Resources for today’s show…

Chef Keith’s Links

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8 Responses to Episode-1255- Keith Snow on Thanksgiving Cooking for 2013

  1. Hi Jack,

    University series link says not found

    Otherwise great show with Keith!


  2. I wish Chef was my next door neighbor…..my turkey, his cooking…….sigh.

  3. We use coliflour in place of potatoes for the mashed potatoes. we use garlic and onions, and butter. It tastes extra buttery and salty compared to the potatoes, and can be more watery, so be careful not to make it watery.

  4. Jack,

    Pork rinds work well as a base for stuffing (in place of stale bread.) If you do like Keith said (with all the veg, ESPECIALLY the mushrooms), use some lightly-crushed pork rinds, and a little bit of stock, and you’ll have an amazing result.

  5. With cranberry sauce, I also wanted to make a suggestion to folks who might be like me where adding sugar isn’t an option. (I’m diabetic.) You can make the cranberry sauce the usual way, sweeten it to taste with whatever sweetener you like, and thicken it with just a bit of gelatin. I’m not suggesting that you’re making a Jell-o mold here, but you can add enough gelatin to give it that sugar-thickened consistency.

  6. Tonya Triplett

    Im looking for a good version of a paleo-ish green bean casserole. I have found some terrible versions online and some that use tons of expensive ingredients. Thanks!

  7. Man I’m hungry, just got around to this episode. I’m going to have to try the baked apples in my dutch oven I got for my birthday!