Episode-589- Chef Keith Snow on Cooking from Your Preps and the Field

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Chef Keith Snow of HarvestEating.com has come back to join us once again to discuss cooking from  your preps, the garden and fish and game from the field.

We also discuss the advantages of cooking with wild or organically grown meats and vegetables.

Many of us have large amounts of wheat and dehydrated veggies in storage, tune in today to learn how to use this items for cooking you will be proud to serve any time to anyone.

We are truly going to dig into the old axiom today of “eat what you store and store what you eat”.  Make sure you listen for a few brief cameos by Keith’s son who chimed it with a bit of disapproval at being left to entertain himself during the interview.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • Simple wheat based cereals you can make
  • How fresh ground wheat can out perform pre ground flour
  • Using wheat berries to make amazing salads and “going beyond gruel”
  • Some great ideas for using all that easy to grow swiss chard
  • Making stocks and broths
  • Rabbit and Squirrel stewing and beyond
  • Jacks fried rabbit and squirrel method, got to try this one
  • Smoking fish and taking it to another level
  • A simple way to grill fish and get great results
  • Dehydrated vegetable pizza and burritos and other cool ideas
  • The unique qualities of wild and acorn feed meats

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7 Responses to Episode-589- Chef Keith Snow on Cooking from Your Preps and the Field

  1. Lots of yummy ideas, thanks! It was funny, while at the grocery store, a college kid was ringing up my stuff. He commented on how he is learning to identify all kinds of “strange and exotic vegetables” such as swiss chard and bok choy. Do people really cook with such and how do they know how to cook it? And fennel, does anyone even know what it tastes like?

    I told him there where sites such as Harvest Eating which teach such online.

  2. I have a suggestion as to what to do with all those hard wheat berries: make soup. For years, one of my favorite meals has been a simple soup made from the aforementioned berries which I combine with dried beans (red, black, azuki, mung, etc,) onions, olive oil, soy sauce or Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, garlic, carrots, sometimes mushrooms and/or some molasses. 1:1 wheat/beans is the ratio I’ve found works best. The preparation consists of slicing the vegetables, flavoring to taste while cold, tossing it all in the rice cooker or stock pot, and forgetting about it until the house starts to smell really good. My favorite way to make it is to slow cook it overnight, but I imagine this would be a good solar cooker meal as well.

  3. Great show. I’m going to have to start playing with wheat berries.
    Another great resource for grains, especially if you live in the Portland, OR area is Bob’s Red Mill. They have a huge variety of grain products both ground and unground. Pricing seems to be comparable to most others and you can order online.

  4. I put some wheat berries in the crockpot last night for the first time. This a.m. I had a nice hot cereal waiting for me. Definitely filling. I would top with a bit of butter and maple syrup next time instead of milk and brown sugar. Would like to try the same with oats.

    I can also see these cooked berries stir fried with some onions, etc and make like a rice pilaf sort of dish.

  5. This is the info I have been looking for. I will get his book and learn how to make use of all these foods I store, can, dry and put up.

  6. Loved this episode! Suggested it to my wife, and she enjoyed it as well, and asked me to get the recipes mentioned in the show. I downloaded the PDF provided here, but I can’t find the recipes for the Wheat Berry Salad or the Wheat Bread video. Are the links just not posted yet? I know Jack has been busy this past week! Thanks again!

  7. I made his spaghetti sauce last night for dinner and it was awesome. I used organic herbs and diced tomatoes instead of the San Martin (i think) that he recommended. Will be making it everyday Tuesday night from now on.