Episode-1093- Michael Jordan Developing a Prepper Group

Michael Jordan owns “A BEE Friendly Company”, that teaches children beekeeping.  Professionally he is a fuel storage tester in the state of Wyoming for the EPA and DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) and work full time as a custodian and night security for the local school dist.

He started IPUG (I’m Prepping Urban Guerrillas) having classing on survival skills, prepping needs and group community awareness. His group is very active and has ongoing activities and support systems such as a barter bank, regular training classes, group construction projects and workshops on everything from canning to brewing beer and making mead.

Michael states ” I have changed my whole life style to better my family, friends, and my community. I am now working on a book from an idea that was talked about on Survival Podcast. The book is called the “The Dollar Store Survivalist”.

He joins us today to discuss how he started his group and the basic parameters on keeping a group running smoothly.  This includes requiring active involvement for all members and dealing with extremes from pacifists to right wing constitutionalists.  According to Michael the key is mutual acceptance and a pledge of mutual support.

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7 Responses to Episode-1093- Michael Jordan Developing a Prepper Group

  1. I just listened to the podcast. It was very informing. I get paid once a month, so on April 1st I plan to join the Members Support Brigade. I love what you are doing!!!

  2. This was a great podcast.. I especially loved the part about his son selling them eggs for breakfast! So much better than an ‘allowance’.

  3. “Brent in PEI”

    Jack, the gem in the podcast was:

    “You’ve learned to live with people you don’t like”

  4. Great show, great topic!

  5. Re: starting a sharing/giving list, the guest mentioned freecycle. I’ve recently learned about a new website called Yerdle where you post stuff you’re willing to lend or give away and others do the same. Might be worth checking out, esp if you’re in a large city.

  6. I’m not sure I’d want to hunt with a glass arrowhead. If that thing hits a bone and shatters, there’s a hunk of meat with glass shards that has to be thrown out.