Join Me This Saturday for Operation Aviary


I have made some real progress on the quail aviary.  The panels are all up, all the walls on the end and to divide the sections are up and ready to roll.  I have 6 rolls of hardware cloth just delivered and am ready to cover it and build and frame in the doors.

We will also be trenching in about 100 feet of pipe to provider water for the system and doing some other cool stuff.

This should be mostly a fun event, no really hard work and only about 4-5 hours on the project.  Topped off with a typical bad ass Nine Mile Farm event dinner/late lunch, some good beer, cider and mead.  Perhaps a bit of barter, lots of Q&A opportunity.

Best part?  Price, just 15 bucks per attendee to cover food and drink that we will be providing.

Better – Kids under 18 are free but MUST BE accompanied by an adult!

Better Yet – If you are a couple and want to come together it is only 20 bucks for both of you.  A 10 dollar discount.

The event runs from 11AM to 6:30PM this Saturday the 20th.  You do not have to pay now, just use the form to reserve your spot, bring cash with you the day of the event.  Again 15 for individuals, 20 for couples and kids are free.

I am also willing to take silver for this event.

For individuals I will take one ounce of bullion or $1.50 face value in US Pre 65 Silver Coin.

For couples I would will accept one ounce of bullion plus 50 cents face value in Pre 65 silver coins.  Or a total of $1.75 in US Pre 65 Silver Coin.

If you want to pay with BTC, just email me after you sign up an I will send you an address to do that with.

You can see the progress on the aviary so far here, but I did a lot since the last video, hope to update that play list today.

If the form does not display for you properly for any reason you can directly access the form at this link.

One Response to Join Me This Saturday for Operation Aviary

  1. Looking forward to this event!! The one last year around this time was great and the food was amazing!