Join Me Live tonight on The Rifleman Radio Show (7PM Central Time) and We Now Have a Hot Springs Office

Join Me Live at 7 Central on March 17, 2011

Tonight at 7PM Central Michael Adam (AKA Scout) will interview me about preparedness on The Rifleman Radio Show .  We will be discussing general prepping and the “feeling” many are now having that it is time to get serious about prepping.

It should be a great show and you can even call in live and I will be in their chat room as well during the show.  For those that miss the show the archive will be available after the show is over.

Also BREAKING NEWS – We now have a Hot Springs Arkansas HQ. (Actually High Atop the Ridge Line on Highway 7 Hot Springs Village). I looked at a lot of offices on the last trip and only a few were good enough for our requirements.  Those that were sufficient for our needs were also over budget.   My favorite one was 750 square feet and really perfect for a recording environment because it has a carpeted and thick walled internal executive office that is a great “quiet room”.

The office also has a nice space for rec room (so we can keep our pool table) and even a nice wet bar for entertaining (though I doubt it will get much use).  I got the guy to come down 20% and the space is ours as of the 1st of April!  WOOT!  Thanks to all of you for your support over the years!  This is a big move for TSP considering about 30 months ago I started out with a 30 dollar MP3 recorder and a morning drive.    This move will vastly improve the quality of our productions, the volume of video content we can produce and open up many new options for getting out more great content.

While not my original plan getting an office at this point makes a lot of sense and not only did we get a GREAT deal on the rent, electricity, water and all utilities are included.

17 Responses to Join Me Live tonight on The Rifleman Radio Show (7PM Central Time) and We Now Have a Hot Springs Office

  1. Congratulations Jack. Thanks for the progress update. Have you decided on a name for the HQ yet?

  2. w00t… I’m gonna have a drink at that wet bar one day!

  3. Modern Survival

    @Nick, just fly into Little Rock and we can come pick you up. You are welcome ANY TIME!

    • Careful… I might just do it! ha ha…

      Also doesn’t hurt that there are some sweet MTB trails out your way. Apparently womble has 38 miles of single track. ***drool****

  4. brian norton


    Way to go! It’s funny how once you firmly set your intention, things to facilitate the plan just seem to appear. I’ll enjoy hearing you tonight on The Rifleman.


  5. Mark in Colorado

    That’s awesome, Jack!! It has been a real pleasure to watch your dreams take root and grow over the last couple years : )

  6. World Headquarters! HooRay!

    I have to say, TSPN is a good sounding name.

  7. CharlieFoxtrot

    Congrats Jack! I’ve been listening since double digit days and you deserve everything you’ve worked so hard for. I think notifying everyone about the bar might have been a breach of OPSEC though. I saw the video with the Shiner. Does Arkansas have any good local beers?

  8. If you change it to TSPN I’ll need another patch for my bag.

    Congratulations on the office.

    In the immortal words of George Peppard, “I love it when a good plan comes together.”

  9. Awesome to hear, congrates on the move and the world headquarters. Imagine the content that your going to generate having permanent digs. New stream of consciencness stuff. Can’t wait. Thanks

  10. WOOHOO Jack! I have had a ball listening to this all unfold! Especially heart warming because I am relistening to the first 25 shows. All of your shows content is so helpful, but as you know- the quality was rough back then. I am excited to hear what is in store.
    Thanks Jack for all of your insight and suggestions.

  11. Jack, I’m a relatively new listener and have enjoyed the various topics and interview guests. Congratulations on the new office space.

  12. Way to go Jack! Congratulations! I’m really looking forward to seeing TSP and you continue to go from strength to strength!

  13. David Galloway

    I wish I could have listened to this, but was out with the wife. Will it be available in streaming or mp3 format anywhere?

    • Modern Survival

      @David, click the link!

      • David Galloway

        Thanks Jack. I got in time to listen to the last 4 minutes last night and it wouldn’t replay immediately afterward, so I thought it wouldn’t automatically be there today. My bad.

  14. Re: Rifleman Intereview –

    Simply excellent, Jack. I will be referring people to this great interview!