Episode-1016- Joe Nobody on “The Home Schooled Shootist”

The Home Schooled Shootist by Joe Nobody

The Home Schooled Shootist by Joe Nobody

Joe Nobody is the author of several best selling books including “Holding Your Ground” ,”The TEOTWAWKI Tuxedo”, “Holding Their Own” and “Without Rule of Law”.

Joe has over 30 years as a government and private contractor experience and is a professional firearms instructor and competition shooter.

Joe Nobody’s latest book, “The Home Schooled Shootist, Training to Fight With a Carbine” is an instruction guide for intermediate to advanced shooters. It addresses fighting with shoulder-fired weapons at ranges 0 through 600 meters.

Of his new book Joe states, “Shootist was written due to popular demand. It seemed like everyone who knows me personally kept up the pressure to write a book on gun fighting. “Teaching people is what you do best Joe,” was a common statement. Many readers of my other books corresponded with questions or requests associated with the contents herein. Still, I hesitated because from my perspective, few people will ever require these skills. Over the last year or so, my opinion changed.

We Americans have a long tradition of excellence with shoulder fired weapons. Throughout much of our history, marksmanship and bravery were enough. Those days are long behind us. Advancements in technology have raised the standard and despite droves of people purchasing military grade weapons, optics and accessories, few people develop the skills necessary to properly utilize these assets.

Joes new book is divided into three basic sections:

  • How to create and execute eleven different drills that sharpen skills necessary to survive violent encounters
  • How to evaluate the results of these exercises
  • How to improve the operator’s capabilities

The book covers topics ranging from sight pictures, on-range and off-range training techniques, and even rifle specific weight training.   This is a book intended for those who want to train at their own pace, using their own facilities. The drills are creative, unique and can be challenging. Detailed instructions are included on how to construct the various training tools and courses.

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19 Responses to Episode-1016- Joe Nobody on “The Home Schooled Shootist”

  1. Jack, this brings up a question I have had- is there still hope of you doing the book on use of a rifle?

  2. Matthew N Gooseneck

    Mr Nobody is one of my fav guests! I cannot wait to listen!

  3. Looking forward to this interview. Love Joe Nobody. He is one of my favorite guests, along with Harris and Wheaton.

    I bought “Home Schooled Shootist” about a month ago, when it first came out. I need to start a training program using what Joe wrote.

    Also, Joe’s 3rd book in the “Bishop and Terri” series is out, Holding Their Own III. I am enjoying that, and biding my time until Glen Tate gets 299 Days Books 3 & 4 out 🙂

  4. I’ve got Joe Nobody’s non-fiction as well as fiction books. To me, the manuals seem to be a great resource.

    My opinion as a former Marine is he condenses about 3 or 4 different schools and curriculums along with alot of current military thinking into some very practical, very do it yourself without logistics versions of the training I’ve seen at SOI.

    It’s not John Rambo nonsense, it’s designed to be practical for a normal person with rational thoughts. You have to stay alive to keep your family alive. Bottom line.

  5. There is a caveat with the 1x-4/6x optics, most of the cheaper options are not a true 1x power so you will have parallax, and the eyebox (area where you can actually see through the scope) is very small. The small eyebox is not a problem on the range, but when you are trying to shoot from non-standard positions it is very difficult to keep eye in the correct position. This is one of the reasons the high end optics cost so much, they have huge eyeboxes and are very forgiving with head position, as well as being a true 1x.

    • I agree 100% with this post. With optics, you typically get what you pay for. As this configuation becomes more and more popular, the lower cost options should improve. You all already know this, but I’ve got to say it anyway – be careful spending that hard earned $$$$. There’s a lot of justification behind that old saying, “Buy nice or buy twice.”


    • Correct B…I have one long range scope that cost 4 times what some of my AR type rifles cost. But I can move it from rifle to rifle with my LaRue rings. Parallax sux and makes me shoot iron sights. ha

  6. Great work Jack!

  7. I don’t get much chance to shoot at moving targets with a rifle or hand gun, but both my wife and I both enjoy shooting trap and sporting clays and have gotten pretty good up to 60 yards. The first gun I grab in an emergency or even If it sounds like someone is trying something shady is my shotgun. That being said I think I’ll check into these books.

  8. Police officer asks: “what’s your name ?”

    You: “Joe Nobody”

    Police officer: “don’t wise off to me son, or I will bring you down to the station do you understand ?”

    • I am starting to get it .. I wasn’t paying attention to the previous Joe Nobody show and at the time I thought how could anybody have that name but I figured maybe I was wrong if there was a real show, but now I see it’s an anonymous name .. what about tying an object to a rope and trying to shoot it as it swings ?

  9. These are great skills to practice even if it’s only for hunting. I mean how many critters that we hunt stand still to get shot? Also, I think hunting itself would be excellent training, because you will find yourself in all sorts of positions and situations that will strech your skills.

    Ever get “buck fever” while hunting or been spooked by a flushing bird? Do you think working through those situations will help train you (somewhat) for a combat situation? I realize that it’s not the same, but is there a better way to train with that stress componant?

    Who wants to go hunting?!

  10. Can someone put up a link to the newer style of scopes Joe mentioned? I’ve listened to the interview a few times now, and am still not sure I’m hearing the info on the scopes correctly. Great interview, thanks!

    • I don’t know if links are allowed, but here are some models you can search on:

      High Cost – Leupold 1.1 – 8 x 24 CQBSS ($3,000 +)

      Med Cost – SWFA SS 1 – 6 x 24 Tactical 30mm ($900)

      Low Cost – Weaver 1-5 x 24 Tactical Scope Illuminated ($500)

      If you don’t want a First Focal Plane reticle, then you can reduce the above prices by a third. FFP will be important to some people, not to others.

      Have fun…Joe

      • Is the SWFA 1 x 6 night vision compatable? How would you mount a Pvs-14 behind it? Could you “wire in” AA batteries some how? After reading holding your own I ordered a thermal eye x200 and opmod Pvs-14 and eotech 552. I can solar recharge AAs but am not sure about the FFP batteries.

  11. Just ordered this new book and T. Tuxedo. Looking forward to learning more!

  12. Just tried the laser training with the both index fingers squeezing at the same time it works.I was hitting targets low and to the left and it seemed to help a lot.I tried it on a center of mass target and a smaller bottle 15 times.

  13. Is the blog link the holdingyourown.com broken? I keep getting a 404 / permission denied.

    • Yes, it is. My apologies, but our web service provider wasn’t ready for the volumn that hit our website. I’m told by our techies that the blog will be back up and live tomorrow.

      We’ve also had reports that B&N was downloading copies of Shootist without the diagrams and pictures. If this happens, we recommend you get a refund from B&N and try again. Their tech support informed us this morning that it was their error and had been corrected.