Jan Cline Oppressed by the City of Salem Please Help Out

Jan Cline is a women who spent her life being very independent, she was a business owner who was doing well even during the recession.  Then about a year ago she heard some of the worst words you can ever hear from a Doctor, “I’m sorry you have terminal cancer”.

Not just cancer bone cancer so aggressive that in her own words at this point she could literally, “break a bone in her leg just by walking”.  The expense of this of course has her pushed to the edge, dying is sadly very expensive in America.

Rather than seek hand outs though this proud woman did the only thing she could.  She began selling her life’s possessions in her back yard.  Then one turd of a neighbor complained about the weekend sales and the local city of Salem Oregon shut her down because they have a law that limits yard sales to three a year.  Clearly one thing Salem’s local code enforcement doesn’t have is common sense and decency.

Friends of Jan set up a way that we can donate to help her during this time.  The donations are made via etapestry.com though paypal (though you can use a credit or credit style check card to donate if you don’t use paypal).  I have verified that the funds go directly into an account set up at Key Bank and that account can only be accessed by Jan Cline and her current care giver Dave.

You can see a local news report about this unfortunate event here.  You can also hear me discuss it in today’s edition of TSP (Episode 727).

I seldom ask this audience to contribute money, this is one time though that I will.  This is an individual liberty issue folks, the idiots in Salem stole her liberty to have some dignity in her last months on earth.  Friends, when you get to a point where you know your days are measured in months, dignity becomes seriously important to you.   It may be up to the people of Salem to fix this on the legal end but what we can do for now is all chip in a few bucks.  If 10% of you give just 5 bucks that will do more than her yard sales ever could have.

I personally made a 100 dollar donation this morning, when you make your donation send me a copy of your receipt.  If this audience collectively donates 1,000 dollars I will double my personal donation matching the first 1000 dollars with a 10% match.  To be counted for the match just email your receipt to jack at thesurvivalpodcast.com

You Can Make a Donation to Jan Here

Note– Jan passed away on Oct. 6th 2011 so I have removed the link for donation.  All in all TSP as a community donated close to 20K dollars to Mrs. Cline and her family.  She was very grateful for our support, thanks to all who helped to right this injustice.

151 Responses to Jan Cline Oppressed by the City of Salem Please Help Out

  1. I was moved by your piece on Jan. I donated $10. God bless Jan. May she find peace and comfort. God bless Jack for calling average Americans to her defense.

    I work in government. I am a prosecutor. Dad gummit we elect public officials and vest them with the power of the People and expect them to utilize discretion, wisdom and judgment so that the law is not held in lower esteem by rigidly applying it in a manner that is unfair and cruel.

    These public officials should be thrown out of office because when they fail to exercise good judgment they take well meaning laws and use them against the people in a manner that empowers a police state rather than protecting the common good.

  2. Have her switch to a donation based “sale” if she’s not charging anything but acception only donations for her items, it would not be a yard “sale.”

    • at this point it only matters for the principle of the thing. With the amount of online donations she is getting I’m thinking it’s not the best use of her time to sell things for $100 a week at a yard sale

  3. Samantha, I agreed with all your comments! And sadly, every group/community has at least one TURD.

  4. I donated $5.00 for Jan. I wish it could be more. Salem needs to rethink it’s policies.

  5. http://keizertimes.com/?p=10547 I grew up with this woman as a neighbor and it aggravates me that another neighbor would complain. She recently passed and I hope the guilty neighbor never lives it down. I hope karma will come back around to them.

    • Modern Survival

      @Amy, thanks for letting us know about Jan’s passing, I am happy that the TSP community was able to help her in her final months.