Jack to Appear on Free Talk Live Tonight at 9PM

I will be on “Free Talk Live” tonight from 9:00 PM Eastern Time until about 9:15 PM.  We will be broadcasting live from the Liberty Forum.  Those who are here with us can actually come down to the amphitheater on the basement level to watch if you want.

You can listen to or watch Free Talk Live in a variety of ways, you can find all the options for that at this link.

Once that is over we will be off to the “Speaker’s Pub” once again to hang out with listeners that are in attendance.

Let me say that thus far Liberty Forum has been an amazing experience and I am so encouraged by the work being done by the Free State Project.   I really believe in what these folks are doing and will be lending a lot of support from TSP to the Free State Project going forward.  A big announcement will be made tonight about that.

Before you jump the gun, no we are not moving to New Hampshire.  I am not sure that is in our cards but I don’t have to move to support what they are doing.  Tonight on the air I will be making an announcement about how TSP will be putting some of our weight behind the move for liberty in New Hampshire.

So make sure to tune in if you can to hear more about that.

4 Responses to Jack to Appear on Free Talk Live Tonight at 9PM

  1. Jack,
    Great talk today. It has been a pleasure meeting you and your better half! Thanks for supporting the cause.

  2. Here are a few pics of Jack delivering his killer speech.

  3. Great job, you sounded great on FTL.

  4. Is there a way to get a recording? Thanks!