Jack Spirko to Present at the Self Reliance Expo in Hickory NC

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Meet me In Hickory, NC at the Next Self Reliance Expo

I have been asked to speak as a key note speaker once again by Ron and Scott at the Self Reliance Expo in Hickory, NC on Sept. 14th and 15th.

You can see some of the currently booked speakers here and you can get tickets to the event at the main Self Reliance Expo Site.

We have not sorted out details of an early meet and greet like we did in Arlington yet but it looks like we will have one.  I will be doing two presentations, one on creating a Bug Out Bag and the other on the 12 Tenets of Modern Survivalism.

I will post more details as I have them but for now just know I and Dorothy will both be there and hope to meet many of the TSP family when we do.

34 Responses to Jack Spirko to Present at the Self Reliance Expo in Hickory NC

  1. That sounds great. Right in my backyard. I hope to come and meet you guys.

    TSP opened my eyes.

  2. Right on Jack! Looking forward to it.

  3. I will be there. Any chance you will create an opportunity like in Arlington? It would be nice to meet you and last I checked there is a gun show that same weekend.

  4. So glad you are coming!! We signed up last week and we were hoping you would be there. We have listened to you almost since day one and have a lot of discussions of what “Jack” talked about! We look forward to meeting you!

  5. WOW! This in only a couple of hours up the road from my house.
    Jack, any idea what time you’ll be presenting on Friday and Saturday?

  6. Awesome Jack! Hope to be there!

  7. I will be there. Can’t wait.

  8. Jack, one suggestion, make sure your speaker is louder than the other guys, I had a really hard time hearing you when I was sitting near the back, in Arlington. Having the stage set in the middle is a BAD idea. Too much noise from all the people who aren’t interested in listening to the speakers. Myt two cents.

    Jessie in Mesquite

  9. Blast! Im driving to Alabama that day. Then off to Texas to scout places to live. If the event was a few days later I could have made it this time.

  10. Backwoods Engineer

    AWESOME! I plan on meeting you there, Jack!

  11. Man, wish I lived closer! Any chance you’ll come to Nashville, Chattanooga or Huntsville ever?

  12. I’ll be there as well, Jack! Hope to see you and Dorothy there!

  13. Joseph DuPont

    Amazing show.. you never fail to amaze me.

  14. Thinking about making a family roadtrip out of this. Maybe you’ll get some refugees from occupied Connecticut attending- we hates us some big, fluffy bunnies up here.

  15. Tarheelgarden

    Any idea when the new vendor list will be updated? Can we assume that there will be as around as many as the Arlington show? We will be coming up from Wilmington to attend. Looking forward to this!

    • Modern Survival

      My understanding is there will be a few less vendors in NC. But that is just hear say at the moment.

  16. Looking forward to meeting you Jack. I already purchased my ticket along with some other friends that are carpooling with me. Are you giving both presentations each day or one a day? We are only able to make it to the expo on Saturday and would like to see both presentations . Also looking forward to a listener meet up. Let me know I can do anything. Thanks

    • tarheelgarden Joe

      We are in a similar situation. We are going to drive up from Wilmington fri early afternoon and won’t get there until 5pm on fri. I wish there was an updated schedule of events so we know what we are and are not missing. With the expo being only a few weeks away it seems kinda last minute with the planning. The Hickory Convention Center website doesn’t have the expo on their schedule? Anyway I’m looking forward to meeting Jack and my fellow regional TSP’ers. I’m wondering where the after hours hot spot will be?

  17. How do you pay for tickets with Paypal?
    Am I doing something wrong?
    The cart only has provisions for CC info , no Paypal option.

  18. Jack,
    I’ve been trying to track info on the NC Expo and it looks REAL sketchy. Is it actually going to happen? Not much out there regarding schedule, speakers, vendors, workshops, etc. Just want to confirm. A long way to go and get there and you not show!

    • Modern Survival

      Yes it is going to happen I already have flights booked if that says anything. The times and titles of my presentations will come out this week,


  19. Rod, I just used my debit card on there check-out site. It was kind of a pain to find and follow but it can be done. Below I pasted in the url for the page to enter number of tickets and use a credit card or debit card. I hope this helps.



  20. tarheelgarden Joe I am also looking forward to meet jack and the regional people of TSP.

    Jack yesterday that he was getting a early meet and greet set-up so we can get in the expo earlier than everyone else like he did in Arlington, Tx. And then have a meet up after as well. This sounds to be shaping up into a kickass event.

  21. The other speakers are being booked this week. I am scheduled to speak on “Preparing Your Children For School Emergencies” from 3:30 to 4:30 on Saturday. They should have the full schedule out soon.

    I’m really looking forward to meeting Jack, my fellow TSP’ers and my readers! Should be a great event!

  22. We are coming with friend in tow. I am thrilled to have an event near by. See you there.

  23. Hey Jack, this is quite an opportunity. My wife and I had scheduled our yearly vacation for the week prior, but when I saw you were coming, I told the wife that the day after we get home from the vacation, I am going to return to work on Friday the 14th, work all day in Raleigh then drive to Hickory that night so that I can at least see your presentation Saturday the 15th. Is it possible that you may do a breakfast on Saturday or beer/snack Saturday afternoon? I just cannot get there til around 8pm Friday night as I will have been on vacation for a week and am needed that day as someone else will be starting their vacation. If not, it is understandable as your time is valuable and just hearing you speak will be enough. I am bringing my father with me. He is finally going to see why you replaced Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck as my all time favorite political/intellectual thinker. You are in my top 10 hero’s of all time. It will be like if I was 10 years old again seeing Mean Joe Green or Franco Harris, from the Steelers! Anyway, can’t wait to see your presentation.
    You make my days more enjoyable and have truly changed my life.

    Thanks, Pat

  24. Mike from Tennessee

    Booked my Tickets today!! Thanks for having meet and great with special hours. I found this place on Tripadvisor called “Olde hickory Tap Room”, looks like a fun spot for a beer! Have a great Labor Day weekend!!

  25. Happy Trails

    My son and I look forward to meeting everyone. We will be riding (Motorcycles) up from Atlanta. Any other motorcyclists here?

  26. Happy trails, I ride but not to the show as I’m bring several others with me that don’t. Since you are going to be relatively close if you have never riden the dragon you should check it out. ATL to Hickory is not a bad ride very pretty scenery along the way.

  27. Hey Jack,
    What if you used some sort of “TSP Member” stickers we can wear to alert fellow-TSPers that we run into during the event? Cheers

  28. Will see you there. Just up the road from Charlotte. Will be good to meet some folks of similar mind. Not many around here to share much with.