Jack on Vacation July 27 – Aug 5th

Who knows may be longer, may be till the 6th or even 7th.  I am tired guys and I need an escape, not just a little jaunt to the BOL where I spend most of my time working either.  This time the wife and I are firing up the big red F-350, hooking up the RV and we are traveling to the mountains of Tennessee to hang with a few folks from the moderator squad and just fricken chill out.  I decided to do this announcement to keep folks informed that may be a few days behind on the broadcasts.  Expect the following over the next 9 days…

1.  There will be a show tomorrow and one on Thursday, I recorded three shows on Monday, it was tough but you guys are worth it, so I made it happen.

2.  There will be no show on Friday, my voice is to pushed to squeeze out one more before I leave.

3.  Monday (my birthday by the way) there will be a special guest show about Survival Firearms, this is going to be done by a guest host.  It is the guy that started this thread on our forum.  Firearms for TEOTWAWKI”-(PDF Book Under Construction)

4.  Tuesday and Wednesday next week there may be a mini episode from the road, we shall see.

5.  Tech support will be extremely delayed during this period.  I will be cheeking email though once a day.  It would be best to hold off on questions, input, etc during this time.  Your email will get better attention if sent after I return.  You are welcome to email chit chat and feedback during this time some of it just may very well get over looked.

So tune in tomorrow and Thursday and I hope you enjoy Chip pinch hitting for me on Monday.  Jack Out!

17 Responses to Jack on Vacation July 27 – Aug 5th

  1. Take a load off, Jack. We’ll be here when you get back, unless it all goes to hell while you’re gone.

  2. Jack,
    If you happen to be in southern Tennessee and have the time, visit the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg. Also, in eastern TN (Sweetwater), is The Lost Sea, Americas largest underground lake. Interesting if you’re into that sort of thing. Enjoy your much deserved vacation!

  3. Enjoy your vacation, Jack. Chill out big time! ;^D

    You have done so much for us, it’s time you took a REAL break. (Of course, we will talk about you behind your back. ;^0 ;^D)(giggle)

  4. michael christroforo

    You are not a surgeon although your contrubution to our lives is very big. So enjoy the vacation and no need to apologize for taking one. As long as it doesn’t become a “union” vacation of 1 mo.!lol

  5. Rick Burrell

    There are plenty of older shows in the archives. We all can find some that we may have missed along the way.
    Enjoy your down-time and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  6. Jack,

    I’m jealous! Have a great vacation. How about looking for me some land to buy while you’re in Tennessee. 🙂

  7. You of all people deserve a vacation! Enjoy the beauty of nature and soak it in. There’s something restorative about being in the mountains. You’re bound to come back with new energy and all kinds of new ideas for your site and podcast.


  8. Good on ya. Have fun unwinding!

  9. Modern Survival

    @michael christroforo

    Union you say, well I am taking another week in August! That will be a total vacation, vacation though. Zero video, no blogging, laying my hairy butt on the beach, drinking coladas and margaritas etc.

  10. Brent Eamer

    We need a “well rested Jack”; so enjoy and come back charged and ready to go.

  11. I will keep the fort up Jack……lol

  12. All I have to say is JUST HAVE FUN.

  13. Have a great vacation. And chill if we hear nothing that just means a resting Jack. All is good man. Enjoy yourself I love TN myself.

  14. Happy Birthday Jack, have many many more.

  15. Relax, Restore & Rejuvenate.

  16. Have a great vacation, and a happy birthday!

  17. Happy Birthday and have a great restful vacation. We all need time to “do nothing”……..and should not feel guilty about it.

    I will also be in TN, near Knoxville and I will be ejoying a cold beer or two or more; and visiting with my grandson and mamabear.