Jack is Off to the Beach for Vacation and You Get an MSB Sale

So now it begins my long awaited vacation.  You will have a show every day of it though, the shows from today – June 21st have all been recorded, edited, uploaded and pre set to self publish each morning from now until then.   I am posting this for a few reasons in particular.  If you are someone that sends me a lot of email please pay close attention to the below…

  • I love your feedback emails for shows etc.  That said they will build up in this period of time, I still welcome them but some of the stuff is going to get burried while I am gone.  Please understand that it isn’t that I don’t care about all the stuff you send, I just like any man have my limits.
  • This is a real vacation, just the wife and I and it is the first big vacation we have ever taken alone.  So, tech support will be minimal.  If you can’t get into the MSB or forum or need help with your account or what have you I will be checking email once a day but ONLY once a day.  We all need our time off, you will get support if something goes wrong I will make it right but you may wait longer than typically to get a response.

Additionally I want to let you guys know that from now until the 23rd I am running a vacation sale on the MSB.  You can get your first year of MSB for only 35 dollars.  This has to be for new members only while I am gone as the logistics of doing an extension are labor intensive.  However, if your membership has expired you can log in and renew using the code.  The code word of course is vacation and can only be used for a 12 month or 12 month renew membership.

Hey and I will keep in touch by facebook and twitter so sync up with me on our fanpage or follow me on twitter if you haven’t done so already.

6 Responses to Jack is Off to the Beach for Vacation and You Get an MSB Sale

  1. Chad Johnson

    Work hard, play harder!

  2. Relax lots Jack!

  3. Enjoy Jack, you deserve it!

  4. Sunblock brother its hot and nasty out have a good time.

  5. Have a great Vacation.

  6. Martin McFly

    Hey you! Yeah, you. Spirko! Quit reading this while on vacation!

    Seriously. The only way to get a useful vacation is to unplug for at least a week. Email, messaging, blogs, etc. Shut it all off, and attend to your spouse . Don’t worry, we will be here when you get back.