Jack and TSP on The Handgun Podcast

Unfortunately I didn’t know yesterday that Eric Shelton had published episode 69 where I was his guest and we discussed Bug Out Bags.  The interview was close to an hour long.  So a day late yes, but here you go to make up for yesterday’s lack of a show check out Eric and I as we discuss Bug Out Bags.

Jack on The Handgun Podcast

2 Responses to Jack and TSP on The Handgun Podcast

  1. Hey Jack,

    That was a great interview with Eric Shelton. I liked his style. I listened to several of his pod casts and subscribed. I don’t recall, have you had him as a guest yet?

    I know it’s rare that you miss a show, but hav you thought about putting one or two. “In the can” for those rare times?

    Thanks for the hard work,


    AKA SgtBooker44

  2. Modern Survival


    Yep Eric has been on TSP

    Episode-266- Eric Shelton from the Handgun Podcast Joins Us

    As for putting up shows it is hard to do because it means doing two a day, which is a stretch. I tend to do it when I have planned time away.

    The thing is if I really do a great show I am going to want to publish it and get it out there.