ITS Tactical Honors Fallen Seals with New Patch

Honor Those Who Fell on 8-6-11

My buddy Bryan Black at ITS Tactical has come up with a 8.6.11 Tribute Patch to honor the Navy SEALs and other military members who went down in a Chinook helicopter on August 6th.

The chopper was shot down with an RPG while attempting a landing, taking with it the lives of 22 SEALs, 7 Afghan commandos, several US Army and Air Force personal, a civilian interpreter and a canine warrior.  The Chinook was downed early Saturday as it arrived to answer a call for help from another elite force.

ITS Tactical is taking pre-orders today for these patches and all proceeds will go directly to the Navy SEAL Foundation.  These patches are something you can proudly display and the small cost of them will go directly to help injured SEALs and families of the fallen.

You can find Bryan’s Post about the Patches at ITS Tactical.  I will of course be ordering a few of them myself.

2 Responses to ITS Tactical Honors Fallen Seals with New Patch

  1. Thanks. Telling everyone!

  2. David McNair

    Just released on our local TV station, WTKR -3, only 17 SeALs were on the chopper, 5 others were Navy personnel. Not 22 SeALs as previously told.