Episode-303- It is The Systems not The System

You hear it all the time, I want to break free from “The System” or I have to work within “The System” but I am here to tell you “The System” is a myth because there are a multitude of Systems of dependence and each is highly interdependent upon each other.  You can in principle call these collectively the system but when you do you are missing so many critical elements, vulnerabilities and connections that to do so is pure folly.

Join me today as we discuss the following systems and their interdependence…

  • The financial system
  • The debt system
  • The transportation system
  • The distribution systems
  • The energy system
  • The social order system
  • The technological systems
  • The non military bureaucracy system
  • The military industrial complex
  • The system of “societal trust”
  • And finally the lesson of learning math with out a calculator and to first shoot with iron sites.

Resources for today’s show…

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10 Responses to Episode-303- It is The Systems not The System

  1. Jack, love the show. Especially when you cover insightful topics like this, and include the practical things one can do as a result.

  2. You keep coming up with good shows Jack , thanks.
    Although our son does not use a calculator for math I didn’t even think when I put a 22 into his hands at 13 because all my guns are scoped. I definately have to go back to square one on this one !

  3. Foxy Huntress

    I learned on iron sights with my 30/30 & shot a deer below the eye at 300 yards…YES I DID!!!
    I’m trying to learn to use a scope for this year…I’m sure I won’t do as well & will go back to what I was taught the 1st time…life is good!

  4. I learned how to shoot with the same .22 my grandfather had when he was a boy. Peep sights and a single shot bolt FTW! My child will get that rifle one day.

  5. Foxy Huntress:
    I have a set of XS sights on my marlin 1895, and love them! If you do go back to irons then take a look at those.

  6. So, um, I shouldn’t have put an ACOG on my 5 y/o son’s Red Ryder BB Gun? 😉

  7. You describe exactly why we prep. Another brilliant show.

  8. Modern Survival


    Well not until he can hit cans at say 15 yards consistantly with the iron first, ;>)

  9. Your comments on the gangs hits home with me. In my area, which admittedly is relativly small (30,000 in county seat, less than 50,000 in the whole county), gangs are a big problem. We are a few hours south of Chicago, and the gangs you listed are actually in my area. There are also several regional gangs as well. It is a very structured group of people. Most people don’t realize that, I am glad to hear you talk about it and inform others about it. Gangs give a whole new level of problems when discussing riots or a breakdown of society. And of these gangs, only a couple are motorcycle gangs. 😉

  10. One of your better shows Jack.

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