Thermacell MR150 Portable Mosquito Repeller – Item of the Day — 9 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting this!  I was just thinking this morning that I needed to go back and find the episode you mentioned that in.  I just bought one and the 120 hour replacement kit.


    I assume this only works when you are somewhat stationary, so it gives time for the repellent to spread out?  Or have you used it successfully while moving around?

  2. Nope works good moving around too as long as you take it with you. Watch the video I talk about how I do it.

  3. I figured this might help. I use this thing and it’s a game changer here in FL where we have the kind of skeeters that carry the bad diseases. FWIW, on your upcoming vacation, there’s a walmart just before you get to the island and it carries the butane canisters for these things.

    • I know that exact store we usually stop there to get some odds and ends on the way in. In this case though to be safe I just ordered some and had them shipped to the hotel ahead of us. I think we are so spoiled in the world of Amazon today it is just ridiculous. I actually find myself getting mad when Amazon doesn’t have something or if it takes more that two days to get it and then I am like JACK seriously don’t you remember stuff being 6-8 weeks for delivery in the 80s at times.

  4. I have the Backpacker model and use it out on the deck or around the campfire, its very effective and uses the large stove canisters.  Never changed out the canister last year, just mats.  they are excellent for mosquito control!

  5. These do work great.

    TIP: they sell a “backpacker” version that uses backpacking butane canisters for fuel. I use this on my front porch when I’m sitting out enjoying an adult beverage in the evenings. This usually coincides with “mosquito-thirty” as I call it.


    The backpacker version works the exact same as the version Jack recommended and uses the same refill scent pads. I love it because I have a box of partially used butane canisters from past camping/backpacking trips. Not quite full, not quite empty- you get the drift.


    This is a perfect way, for me to keep the mosquitos away and find a use for the bastard, leftover butane canisters I cant take with me on a trip.

  6. Just ordered the olive green for $19.95 but notices instead of ordering the 120 hr kit, you can order two 72 hour kits for about $2 nore – that’s an extra 24 hrs of protection for almost free!

  7. Just ordered the olive green for $19.95 but noticed instead of ordering the 120 hrhr kit, you can order two 72 hour kits forr about $2 nore – that’s an extra 24 hrs of protection for almost free!