Barrina LED Grow Light 6 Packs – Item of the Day — 10 Comments

  1. Hi.  it appears these lights are not available in the pink variety in Canada.  do you have any experience with the yellow daylight ones?

    • I do not, I would think they would work well but can not say for sure. If I had to pick one I’d try the daylight ones.

    • I ordered the whites to test vs the pinks I installed a while ago, and can say they appear to be made by the same company.  All the parts are 100% interchangeable.  The whites are slightly brighter to the eye and to my phone’s light sensor.  They are growing just as well as the pinks so far.  It’s too early in my test to say which is better.  I’ll probably end up mixing them 3×3 with the pinks.  Amazon link below for reference only as they are currently out of stock.

      NOTE: Be sure to get the 24W version of the whites or pinks!  I see several 2ft options rated for 10W, that’s good for mood lighting, not growing plants.  🙂

  2. Thanks for getting back to me.  I have been growing under lights since one of your hydro shows in December last year and I am expanding.

  3. I am looking for grow lights as the Barrinas are no longer available.   I  found a 21 inch grow light on Menards website and wonder if you think it would work.  It does not seem that the lights plug into each other like the Barrina but does seem easy to set up and use for a newbie.  Menards also has a mini greenhouse that looks similar to the one you recommend.  It is $30 but by the time you add in shipping, processing fee and sales tax it is about $50.  Thank you for all the help and reassurance you are providing to folks.

  4. Thank you!  I saw those and wondered about the 4 ft size vs 2 ft size and hooking them up in the mini greenhouse.  Would you just let the 4 ft stick out on either end and not use the plastic cover? I am following your setup as closely as I can as I have no experience.  BTW, the 2 and 4 ft Barrinas are back in stock at Amazon.  And when you do your “hysteria” voice on the podcast, it makes me laugh every time!

  5. Thanks for the update Jack.  I couldn’t find any of the 2 footers in stock when I order but the 4 footers seem to work nice.  Seeds are slow to go.

    They’re on a wood shelf surrounded by cardboard.  Germination seems pretty slow. Would I be better using. Plastic to keep in humidity? Maybe a grow mat?   Trying to keep the system budget friendly. Using kratky in pans under the lights

    Thanks for what you do.


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