4 Shelf Indoor Mini Greenhouse – TSP Item of the Day — 3 Comments

  1. I plan to use this inside of my unheated Texas Prepper 2 style greenhouse for added protection during the few weeks of actual well below freezing winter weather this year. I plan to keep the lights listed above and seed starting mats turned on during those nights. I did this in an unheated shed last winter, and it worked pretty good. We generally don’t go down below 27 or 28*F except for about 2 weeks a year when we hang out around 12*F at night and 32*F or so during the day. With indoor use and some duct tape on the seams that split, it’s been in use for several years now. I use removable zip ties to tie the wire racks to the frames and that substantially improved stability. I use it as just a regular shelving unit without the cover during the summer – it is light and easy to move around the food forest for wherever I want some shelves for a bit. I don’t know if I have this particular brand, but I suspect they are all about the same. Thanks, Jack.

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