Good News and Bad News On Coming Interviews

Well, I screwed up guys!  I ended up setting a filter in my email program that was sending all guest interview requests to a folder I had set aside for spam.  Fortunately the saving grace is I didn’t empty it for over 90 days.

We were actually concerned, interview requests had ground to a halt, so last week I put out an open invitation to interviews.  I also reached out to several fan favorites and special guests and said, he get a form filled out and we will have you on.

And do you know what happened?  NOTHING!

What the hell!  So I filled out a test form, it didn’t show up.  Uh Oh!

So I went into the spam folder and did a search for wufoo (the form manager I use for interviews) and in the words of Penny from Big Ban Theory, “Holy CRAP ON A CRACKER”, there were 26 requests sitting there, some over a month old!


Okay so here is the bad news, 26 weeks at one interview a week is 6 months of shows.  That means for some who filled out the form you could be waiting that long to be on. It also means I am taking the guest form down for a quite a while as we deal with back log.  We may do a few weeks with two interviews to catch up but will make that decision after our coming vacation (which apparently I need badly).

Last night Dorothy and I sat down and rated the forms for priority based on

  1. When they came in
  2. Timeliness of the topic
  3. Did I personally invite the guest

It isn’t a perfect system but it is the best we could do.

The good news?  We have some amazing stuff coming up, like major awesome people and major awesome topics!  It is just going to take awhile.

If you are one of the folks who submitted a form and are going to have to wait a while, I apologize.  But again, man folks do we have an exciting 6 months of guests to look forward to.

5 Responses to Good News and Bad News On Coming Interviews

  1. I don’t think we needs two hands to count the amount of mistakes like this that happen. For a one man show you run things with such perfection we still wonder how you do it. so I think we’ll get over it.

    • I for one, am upset because of a problem I didn’t even know of. 😛

    • Jack, you have become a victim of automation/artificial intelligence. Spam filters are a lot like automatic transmissions and artificial insemination. Sometimes its just better to do it yourself.

  2. Looking forward to listening to them!

  3. The measure of a man is NOT in whether they make a mistake or not, but in how they handle it. It sounds like you have once again implemented a great plan. I think you could even make a show about that and how you handle customer service, because after all, we all make mistakes sometimes.

    I will continue to look forward to new episodes coming out. Great job Jack.