Episode-803- An Interview with The Berkey Guy

Jeff Gleason has been a stead fast supporter of the show for more than two years (will be three this March).  He is of course the famous “Berkey Guy” and he joins us today to discuss the role water should play in our prep planning and our daily lives.

Join Us Today to Hear…

  • How water and its availability is often over looked in prepping
  • The value of a well
  • Why better tasting water is good for your health
  • Our thoughts on chlorine, arsenic and fluoride
  • Where the fluoride in your water actually comes from
  • Thoughts on removing at least chlorine from your bathing water
  • Several instances where systems failed to catch contaminated water
  • Biological contaminants like cryptosporidium and giardia

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8 Responses to Episode-803- An Interview with The Berkey Guy

  1. First crisco, now floride. This seems to be a trend. If you can’t sell it for industriall use or it’s to expensive to recycle properly, see if you can get people to eat it!

  2. Thanks to all who have listened to the interview.

    I put up a thread in the forum for those who may have questions or comments:

    Thanks again to all,
    Jeff – The Berkey Guy

  3. Good show, guys.

    I don’t think the issue of water is covered nearly enough. Maybe it’s because it’s not that glamorous; I donno.

    We’ve been using an RO system here at home for years now. I like it well enough, but I had I known about a Berkey back then, I would have gotten that instead. Yeah, it’s nice to have the RO system plumbed in (so we can have RO ice, for instance), but it costs a lot more to maintain. We paid $180 for our 5-stage system back in ’05, and we have to pay about $60/yr to maintain it (assuming we don’t have to replace the membrane which runs about $60 too.)

    I always assumed that the RO system removed chlorine and flouride with the various activated carbon filters that are part of the setup. I’m fairly certain that it gets the chlorine (removes that tell-tale taste), but I’m not so sure about the flouride. Kinda concerning…

    Another short-coming we have with the RO system is that it requires utility line pressure to force water through the system. Yes, there’s a 3-gallon tank under my sink that stores purified water, but if I lose utility water, I use the ability to filter water with the RO system. Even if it’s just a couple Berkey bottles, having an additional means to address the water concern is definitely near the top of our list of things to buy when money allows.

    Oh, and I also wanted to share real quick. For those of you who don’t have any means to filter your city water, if you put it on the counter in a pitcher and let it sit for 24 hours, the chlorine will bubble out of it. Chlorine is really hard on your thyroid, and putting your water out for 24 hours before you use it is a free way to help until you can do something better.

  4. Evidently the Europeans know something the U.S. does not because it is outlawed in Europe! Now why would that be??
    IF flouride is so good then its use in toothpaste and other sources would be enough….NOT drugging the entire Country!
    It could be added to whatever for those that want it but not FORCE
    it on those that do not!

  5. Lisapaintergirl

    Not only is Flouride in the water a forced medication, but with NO control of dosage! How can they control how much a 10 lb baby is getting whose only sourse of food is formula made with flouridated water?

    I don’t even believe it’s good for one’s teeth. One of the symptoms of Flouride poisoning is tooth and gum pain, loose teeth, and frail bones! I used to have constant teeth problems, now I never do since I stopped using flouride toothpaste and filtering my water.

  6. Water mystery:

    The town in Ontario is Walkerton. Seven people died and there was an inquiry.


  7. Good show… I too would like more shows on water purification as I previously mentioned but with a more in depth analysis of what items are currently in the water that we drink that are harmful and ARE NOT being addressed by any of the current filters.

  8. I’ve been thinking about getting a Berkey, but I’m actually a bit concerned about it causing more harm than good. I can’t find any hard facts about the materials used in the Black Berkey filters, which makes me a bit cautious. Also, they claim to be “self sterilizing” which I guess would mean they contain silver? My main concern is silver (or some other overlooked biproduct from the filters) ending up in the clean water, and in the long run accumulate in your body and cause problems… Should I be concerned about this?