Episode-452- An Interview with Ron Hood of SurvivalQ

Ron Hood has been training survivalists for more than four decades.  Like many in the industry he stated learning as a child on camping trips.  He later as a young man served in the US Army as part of the ASA (Army Security Agency) around the world in places like Turkey and Vietnam.  After reentering civilian life he started training others in the survival skills he had learned on various deployments.  He established the first survival training in 2 major colleges and taught at both universities for many years.  To date he has produced dozens of educational DVDs, is the owner and force behind Survival.com and recently launched Survival Quarterly Magazine.  He joins us today to discuss his new magazine and a myriad of your common questions to me.

Join Ron and I as we discuss…

  • What is it like to learn from indigenous people
  • What makes SurvivalQ different from other magazines out there
  • Who are the writes behind SurvialQ
  • How important are things like forums to building community
  • Why is it important to actually meet with people beyond the virtual world
  • How you can submit your articles to SurvialQ for consideration
  • Than 5 of your most common questions to me get posed to Ron
    • If you could only have one gun what would it be and why
    • What do you think are the biggest national/global level threats we face
    • What is your view of gold and or silver
    • What 3-4 things should the newly aware person do first
  • Why survival skills are important for everyone not just those who spend time in the wilderness
  • Why people in the survival niche seem to have a servant attitude if they stick around for a long time
  • What is the “Hoodlum blade” and when/how can you get one

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7 Responses to Episode-452- An Interview with Ron Hood of SurvivalQ

  1. Ron is a guest you need to have on more often! He is hilarious to listen to!! Thanks Jack for the great podcast. I loved the time you guys were talking about “thrust vectors”…

  2. Modern Survival


    Ron is already slated to come back on, I thought we might have him discuss EDC.

    Are there any other topics you guys might want me to discuss with Ron on the air?

  3. EDC is a great idea.

    how about one with him AND Karen to discuss survivalism as it relates to family.

  4. Gabriele Wise

    Hi Jack greetings from Germany,
    just wanted to let you know the eggs were my absolute favored MRE. Now I know why no one ever fought me over them. LOL

  5. Morels – False Morels http://thegreatmorel.com/falsemorel.html I was raised in Asia and know all about the “Taiwan Trots”. Therefore I wanted to education myself through pictures before diving in on those.

  6. *educate*

  7. endure2survive

    I don’t know how I missed this show in my cue, but just listened yesterday and thought it was one of your best shows of the summer. It’s almost like Dual Survival when you two are on. Sure, you agree on a lot of things, but Ron compliments some areas with another pool of information from his different background. I can say it works for me and I hope you guys can keep a routine to doing shows together, maybe every couple months?

    As for topics I’d like to hear you discuss with Ron, here’s a few that come to mind:
    -Along with EDC, how about his ideas of what belongs in your car kit.
    -What does he think are essential items for the office or cube dweller to have at work?
    -How does he store his gasoline?
    -What are ten essential items (or preparations) he thinks most preppers overlook?
    -I’m assuming he’s a bug-in kinda guy, but what would he bug out for and does he have a plan B location?