Episode-137- Individual Secession from The Systems

Can an individual alone secede from the current system of politics and government support?  Yes I believe that you can.  It is not “un American” or a “renouncement of citizenship” and it isn’t anything like a state seceding from The Union.

No instead it is an affirmation of citizenship and the responsibility that goes with it.  Today I start off answering a question about Mitchell Fishing reels from an earlier episode, get into more on the Trillion Dollar Stimulus and end up with my personal declaration of independence from “the systems”.

I ask you to listen and consider what I am saying, I will be formalizing this “act of secession” this weekend and asking others to join in.

I am also giving away two tactical slings from SOE Tactical Gear today, so make sure to listen for the code word and email it as instructed to jack@thesurvivalpodcast.com

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5 Responses to Episode-137- Individual Secession from The Systems

  1. Great Topic, Can’t wait to listen during my commute this afternoon! I enjoyed your previous show on “The Systems”

  2. JeffersonFawkes

    It sounds like your coming to the some similar conclusions as myself. I think you and others that enjoyed this podcast would enjoy http://www.panarchy.org It is on the topic of secession and is a government theory on competing systems, which I believe fellow survivalists would benefit from setting up.

  3. Great show today! Thanks for leading the charge for an independant life!

  4. I have a good friend who is pursuing this with help from the website: http://www.teamlaw.org. I have yet to investigate it very thoroughly myself, but at first look it sure seems worth it if you want to give the government a run for its money.

    It’s mostly focused on the actual ownership of your property, and using the law to show the government has no claim on your land, your income, etc.

  5. Jack you are so right.
    As for me and my house, we’ll not give this socialist government a foothold in our life. I think this is going to open the door to a third party system next election, I pray.