Important Notice for All Attending the Food Forest Workshop

All registered attendees should have our document which must be brought with you in full, all pages initialed and signed.  You should also read it, not just skim it as it prevents a lot of problems with our gates, animals and property if read.

Next in that document there are instructions to join a Yahoo Email list, you should JOIN THIS LIST.  I have found often my attempts to directly email people about things like “workshops” and “hotels” among other words will often end up filtered as SPAM.  Joining this list is the BEST WAY TO INSURE THAT YOU GET ALL IMPORTANT UPDATES AND CHANGES.

I do not know why for the life of me some seem so opposed to Yahoo Groups email lists, it is frankly maddening.  You DON’T need a Yahoo account, the document has instructions to just send an email to subscribe and one to unsubscribe if you want off after the event.  This list is also an “insiders list” of people who have been to an event only.

To be BLUNT I do send emails to all individuals to make sure I get info out on group hotels and other updates, BUT if you refuse to get on the group list I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE if you don’t get something deemed important.   For instance for those of you staying at hotels this one is going to be complex, there is a major NASCAR race and some other big event in town, rooms are more expensive and harder for us to come by.

I feel many will want to double up on rooms, etc.  The list is where you can do that with others, or set up airport ride shares etc.  I provide this list so that can be done and so students can talk to each other before and after events.  Again if you don’t use the list and you don’t get important information, all I can say is I tried.  LOL.

If you are signed up and have not gotten your document, email me asap about that.

2 Responses to Important Notice for All Attending the Food Forest Workshop

  1. Michael Jordan,beewhispererwyosurvival

    I will check

  2. John Paul Plemons

    I guess I got signed up in the yahoo group thing. I’ve never used a yahoo group before, and don’t really know my way around them.

    Jack, I live about 100 miles away and would consider bringing my camper. It would sleep 5 people comfortably. Is that something that might be a possibility?