How to Build a Survival House and Garden Permaculture Style

It seems that I have described “Y2K Dave’s Survival Garden” from Geoff Lawton and Bill Mollison’s PDC on DVD course many times.  Every time I find it very difficult to convey in audio format so I decided to do a video and in spite of my poor artistic skills I think it will make a lot more sense this time around.

Effectively what Y2K Dave ended up with was a bug out location within a bug out location and the construction cost was about 1,000 dollars.  It certainly isn’t a 3 bed, 2 bath condo on the water but it would keep you cool in summer, warm in winter and dry in the rain.  The garden is well protected from predators, the up grade pond produces water pressure on demand and the swale systems could produce more perennial foods then a small family could need.

If you like this and haven’t seen Geoff Lawton’s new video yet called, How to Survive the Coming Crisis you should really get on over to his website and view it, it is 30 incredible minutes on creating fully sustainable food based systems.

Of course this video is just the latest in my entire Free Permaculture Video Series.

One Response to How to Build a Survival House and Garden Permaculture Style

  1. Jack, I completely dig you on this.
    I own

    But unfortunately many of us can not afford to buy land.
    I’m about 90% on the “prepper” scale, but being a landless peasant, well… looking after my 85 year old father in pristine suburbia, I will have to shelter in place, to defend The Fort, come hell or whatever. Just turned 57 today and after 2 divorces and 3 adult sons, it is ironic that my old dad will not allow me to play with arrows in the back yard. HA! Gotta be a philosopher to appreciate the humor in that.

    I really appreciated your recent video about school shootings and why the teachers should have thrown kids out the windows and told them to run away.

    I am well prepared to defend this pristine suburban ‘hood. Send the first 300 zombies here and I can deal with it. But I have no BOL, and can’t afford to rent an excavator with operator.

    Might be good topic for future episodes. Much of your excellent work deals with rural areas. Suburbia and apartmentland is different. Food for thought?