Episode-2308- How Close is the Original US Government to an Anarchy

It isn’t a trick question, also note I didn’t way it was or even how close it was, I just asked the question.  The answer is a lot closer than you might imagine.  Today we are going to discuss the constitution, the original version and some things most people never learn about, therefore never understand about it.

Given my position as a voluntarist, people often wonder why I even care about the constitution.  I think by the time this episode is over the reasons will be clear.

In short though I view most of our elected officials as thieves, but thieves with a contract that they should at minimum adhere to.  The sad fact is most Americans have zero understanding of that contract, its genesis or their role in it.

Join Me Today to Discuss…

  • Why do I even care since if find the state illegitimate
  • Before we begin lets separate principle from politics of the day
  • Why I claim the federal government is not a party to the contract that is the constitution
  • Why the bill of rights should have never applied to the states individually
  • How incorporation of the bill of rights reduced federalism
  • Why the US is both a democracy and a republic and how little a republic means by itself
  • How the 17th amendment stripped state power and why it should be repealed
  • Why a convention of the states should be called, why it won’t be
  • In the end, so what, why does this matter if nothing is going to change

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6 Responses to Episode-2308- How Close is the Original US Government to an Anarchy

  1. Shows just how far we’ve fallen. All the ‘anti-government’ types that preach about the Constitution today would have been seen as the imperialist/monarchists in the 18th century. In fact, the formation of our government was so controversial that the anti-federalists were afraid of using their real names when writing their thesis, which gave rise to the legends of ‘Brutus’, ‘Publius’, and ‘Cato’ who wrote those anti-constitution rants so long ago.

    Either way, it’s clear the Madisons and Hamiltons certainly won, while the Jeffersonians have taken quite the beating. Now we all bow in the name of ‘unitary executive authority’. The Emperor doesn’t need clothes when he has access to 3d printers, sound cannons and cloning pods.

    My education in all of this started in my 8th grade Civics class. Do they even teach Civics any more in public school?



  2. I wonder if some states quit taking bribes from the Federal Government if they could just thumb the Federal laws provided they become self sufficient and resilient with state functions. If each state that cared could start working in that direction could it send a message?

    • Modern Survival

      Could but likely won’t.  One problem is both funded and unfunded mandates by the Fed.  ie, you will do this, we don’t care if you don’t want to, you shall do this.

      Sometimes they say and we are going to pay for it/part of it. Sometimes they say you pay for it.

      But even when they say you pay for it they also say if you don’t we will withhold this other money for this other thing.  It is a lot like farmers if you take the first subsidy it is very hard to get off.  Except in this case they can make you take it.

  3. There was some interesting academic stuff on the amendments and how they apply to the federal government. I didn’t listen to the whole show

    A lot of what seems relevant today is nationalism versus globalism. We can have a giant discussion on the constitution without ever touching that topic. Some libertarians sound as though friendly to globalism on some level. The idea of tariffs however seems to go back to the founding fathers. From what I read George Washington favored tariffs for the same reasons that Trump does and GW said a great deal on the topic.

    • Modern Survival

      Libertarians are open to global trade, not globalism.  Note someone who says they are a leftist libertarian is not a libertarian, that is like saying you have dry water.  You can believe it but it just means your an idiot.

  4. Great show, Jack.
    I think this one deserves being a stand alone on youtube like you’ve done with some of your other stuff.

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