Episode-2235- Total Freedom Though Honest Personal Branding

I don’t talk about it much but I am told oh 20 times a month on average things like,

  • I am doing it wrong (as in this show)
  • Someone is going to contact my sponsors to tell them I am offensive
  • If I continue to do things this way it will be “the end of TSP”
  • I need to think like Reagan and build a “bigger tent”
  • Get this one, “I have a public responsibility to make TSP more listener friendly”
  • Oh and it just goes on and on and on and on

The real irony is when some dip shit gets offended, tells me off and I tell them to go screw and they say something like, “wow what happened to you, this isn’t like you”.  I am very tempted to ask these people what the hell they are smoking and could I please have some.

Take a look at our disclaimers and policies page, the current version of this page was published on 1-1-11, hey I like numeric patterns.  One of the most recent pathetic mental breakdowns was from Episode 2223, where I used the “F word” about a dozen or so times to drive home the point about how schools are creating these school shootings and the fact that 5,000 youths a year kill themselves and over 30,000 attempt suicide.  Now pardon my view but if there was ever a place for the F word, that is it!

That said I generally don’t use that word on the air, so when I did I did the following…

  1. Marked the episode explicit
  2. Announced on air that it was coming and to skip ahead if you didn’t want to hear it

Now keep in mind in my disclaimers it says among other things, the following and has since January of 2011, which is seven years ago!

“We believe in freedom here, if you choose to listen to our show you do so as a free human being on planet earth and therefore we are not responsible for any “mental anguish”, “mental trauma”, “feeling of being offended” or any other emotional problems that you get from doing so.”

I have to say that is about as honest and clear cut as it can be!  The beauty though of always being yourself is when such assclowns attempt to harm you, all they can really do is build you up, and that is the magic of building honest personal brand.  The key word there is honest!  Anyway since I am going to be gone until the 25th on vacation after today I thought may be we could have a fun show and one that can change your life if you choose to act on it.

Join In Today to Hear…

  • The two recent incidents that inspired today’s show
  • The reason I even use “vulgar words” on the air
  • I am not saying to be like me, or anyone else
  • Understanding what a niche is today vs. in say 1990
  • Why the last thing on want today is a “bigger tent”
  • The 1,000 true fans model is for everyone
  • The difference between true fans and “fanboys”
  • The harsh reality, time not money is the most valuable online commidity
  • Here is everything you really need to know about business
    • There are only two types of products
      • Needed
      • Wanted
    • All products are one of three things for customers
      • Entertaining
      • Profit Yielding
      • Life Changing
      • When you have all three it is the Golden Trifecta
    • Everything you need to know about marketing in two phrases
      • Marketing is telling your story
      • Effective marketing is getting other to tell your story
    • Everything you need to know about sales
      • Make it easy to buy from you
      • You are selling more than products and services
      • You are always selling, whether you think so or not
  • In the end, there has never been a better time or one with more opportunity than today

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17 Responses to Episode-2235- Total Freedom Though Honest Personal Branding

  1. I’ve been listening since 2010 and I’m enjoying the show more now than ever. I specifically appreciate how you’re a no nonsense, no apologies type of dude. I never have felt like you were bullshitting me, and if I ever felt that way I probably would have stopped listening.

    Don’t change, Jack!

  2. nickfromphilly

    Sir  not paying lip service but i love your shows even when you go all “Jack” its honest and refreshing

    i do have 1 suggestion for your disclaimers it says from planet earth. what if one is not? maybe from Mars,Alpha Centauri or who knows where. While i dont speak form them i think they would welcome the inclusion

    just a little humor for a monday

    Sir thank you for all you and this community does it is very helpful

  3. Catskill Frank

    Just sent an e-mail to Western Botanicals. My annual membership just expired and I said that I would only renew if they remained loyal to Jack and TSP.

    WB a great company but not the only one that offers great products. I’ll stick with Jack over any company that gives in to one ‘butthurt’ individual!

    Jack, thanks for all you do!

  4. A funny though came to me as I read the notes above.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that I find the show so very useful in everyday life I probably would not come hear at all.

    I mean don’t I find much charming about Jack, and I think I would hate to have Jack as a boss, but I do admire his blunt honesty in some ways.

    I honestly think Jack is slight of the normal common spectrum and maybe slightly into the aspergers range or something like that.

    But like I say, Jack has brilliant knowledge and useful views on things as well as is a good predictor of the future and is worth his weight in gold to me in the ideas and knowledge I have got from him over the years. I have made some very good decisions based on Jacks ideas and predictions which worked out great for me.

    Long Live Jack.




    • Modern Survival

      Michael, oh I am an Aspie and I function much better with “normal people” as an adult than I did as a kid.  I am grateful every day of my life that in the 80s Aspergers wasn’t a thing yet and I wasn’t given “help” that likely would have ruined my life.

      Oh and as for not wanting me as a boss, yea I am tough but I am also fair.  I had hundreds of people work for me over 20 years, they all were as loyal as any solider I ever served with and they all loved working for me.  Well except the ones I fired, which made the good ones love me even more.

      In my experience people think they want a “nice boss” until they get one who can never make a decision and let’s shitty people get away with being useless while the others pull all the weight.

      When they get a boss who is both tough and fair, and mentoring by the way, well everything change.  Let me put it this way, I am the only boss I know that was caring and confident enough to give his employees copies of “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris as part of their training.  Really let that sink in.

      How would your boss react to seeing that book on your desk?  Do you really think he’d spend his own money (not company money) and buy you one?

      You’d of loved working for me.

      • Hi Jack, just read your reply now, a fair reply, I worked in the Telecoms industry too around the same time as you, I was in the big M (bat wings) interesting but tough times and the years seemed to fly by.

        We used a lot of Fluke equipment too. We might have worked well together but I was in Europe.

        When I say I made some good decisions in life based on your ideas and advice, I mean big life decisions, moving home, buying a small homestead, chosing the area, developing the garden, building swales and a shed, choice of trees, choice of dog breed, career change, prepping plans, change to palio, the value of a daily walk etc. Very good decisions which brough a much better quality of life and health.

        I didn’t know you are Aspie but it makes sense now.
        I would look forward to you doing a show on you experience of being an Aspie both childhood and adult up to the current day, also is your wife Aspie and how does being Aspie effect relationships and marriage?

        (I still think you are as nutty and tempemental as a race horse but you are winning the races for me with the value of your knowledge, research, unique views and accurate predictions of the future, so I have a very high respect for you and your work).
        Keep up the good work.
        Michael in Europe.

  5. Never have I shouted fuckin A so loud as I did this episode. That bit about the normal radio host was spot on. That’s why I found TSP keep it up Jack.

  6. Hey Jack

    I would vote for expert council Wednesday. Just my 2 cents

    And not to pile on – but yeah – screw the haters you know what you are doing.

  7. The shows I enjoy and find most useful are typically the ‘Just Jack’ shows. I presume when I have an actual homestead, the other shows will be more useful.

    I don’t care about Jack’s personality. I have Asperger’s and most wouldn’t guess it. Everyone’s different. I’m here for the knowledge foremost and curse words don’t bother me, so, please, continue.

    I do appreciate the authenticity.

  8. Your show has significantly changed my life at home and with how I run my business. Keep doing what your doing and the haters can just keep wishing they have what you do. I finally got my MSB membership last month and I’m loving it! Hopefully the Bacon offer will bring more people to the Spirko fold!

  9. That’s because an old fashioned is supposed to be made with a rye?

    • Modern Survival

      No but The Bird Cafe makes a drink called “The New Deal Old Fashioned” and it is made with Knobb Creek Rye, it has become my gold standard for judging all drinks.