Episode-2181- Homestead Updates at Nine Mile Farm

The Almonds are in Full Bloom at Nine Mile Farm

Spring is starting to spring and 2018 plans are being executed and results are already being seen, so I figured it was time for a homestead update show.   Lot’s 0f things are new and different this year.  Major expansion of all the aquaponics and aquatics systems, new plans for the food forest without the ducks involved and more.

It really has been an amazing journey that we have all been on together, this is our third property since we began TSP back in June of 2008, we are almost at a decade together at this point, so we will also do a little looking back and talk about how our past experiences are steering our future plans.

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  • Sowing seeds in the food forest
  • About half the trees are breaking bud or in full bloom
  • Hole bees are going in soon
  • New this year thornless honey locust and native persimmon
  • Another round of sand cherries going in
  • The little chickens are moving up in housing as soon as the ducks are gone
  • Dixie Rainbow or some other chickens will be joining the little chickens
  • Quail egg and meat production will return once the egg thieves move
  • One Craigslist ad, 48 hours and half the ducks are gone
  • If I can’t catch the muscovies soon, at least the big drakes are going on the grill #22lr
  • Outdoor kitchen is in the final strokes, need furniture and an island now
  • Likely some WWJWs are coming up (work with jack weekends)
  • New herb garden is going in using the outdoor kitchens sink and mini earth works
  • 2018 is all about harnessing the last 4 years of hard work into a lifestyle homestead

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6 Responses to Episode-2181- Homestead Updates at Nine Mile Farm

  1. In Michigan times like this make me jealous of your temperature.  A few days ago we got 6″ of fresh super heavy snow, and it snowed this morning, and it is snowing now.  Pretty unusual even for us, but it’s 18 degrees and a barren wasteland outside.


    But then in Summer when I’m grumbling that it’s getting into the 90s and I hear you say it’s 110+ and you just can’t go outside I realize maybe it’s not so bad up here.

  2. Did I miss something why are you getting rid of your ducks? I thought you’d said previously that ducks are easier to raise than chickens?

  3. When you top your Oaks, try and do it in the winter to prevent Oak Wilt.  It’s a fungus spread by a bug.  Real bad in Texas from what I’ve heard.

    A knowledgeable & honest tree service should advise you of this.  A less reputable one won’t as if it get’s wilt, it will be dead in 1-4 years and they get repeat business.  🙁

    • Modern Survival

      As a practice I hate topping trees, but what we are doing saving the structure for things like hammock camping, the is no preventing something that is already there.

  4. What was the name of the place you mentioned ordering trees from in this episode that wasn’t Bob Wells Nursery?