Episode-455- The Holistic Approach to Survival Food Storage

I decided that it is again time for a in depth look at the how, what and why behind survival food storage.  Many tend to hear survivalist and at once envision a guy sitting on a ten year supply of military rations in a basement or bunker somewhere.  This image is hyped by media who simply wish to sell a story and worse is made up of journalists that live in a bubble of  “the government will fix our problems”.  The reality is that the bunker approach of military rations is both inaccurate and impractical.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • Why storing food is necessary even if society never collapses
  • Rule One – Eat what you store, store what you eat
  • Rule Two – Take advantage of opportunity buys
  • Rule Three – Use commercially prepared long term storables as extenders
  • Rule Four – Become a producer of food and storables
  • Rule Five –  Seek a Holistic Solution
  • How storing food empowers you to live a better life

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6 Responses to Episode-455- The Holistic Approach to Survival Food Storage

  1. Jack…you have probably answered this many times but do you have a recommended site for acquiring the 1 gallon food grade cans? Youtube is blocked for me. Thanks.

  2. My dad actually had that electricity story happen to him. He was an electrician in Germany during and after WWII.

    He had to replace the lights and switches in the Russian barracks a whole bunch of times because the soldiers were ripping them out and sending it back home. The plumbers were doing the same thing.

  3. Jack said white flour is crap. I agree.

    I had heartburn for years. I had Rolaids in my cars, at home and at work. If I stopped at a 7-11 for a hotdog, I knew I would need Rolaids. I thought it was the hot dogs. Turns out it was the bread. It seems anything with white flour would cause it. I switched to whole grain bread and limit anything like cookies and I never have heart burn now.

  4. Great podcast Jack! I’ve been using the store what you eat/eat what you store method for a while and even have my father working on it now.

  5. Jack,
    This was one of the best episodes I’ve heard. You did a great job of putting storage, preparedness and survival into easy to understand and easy to explain ways.

    Thank you.

  6. Modern Survival

    Matt S, thanks for the kind words man, I appreciate you taking the time to say that. Polar Bear you as well buddy, thanks. Hell I don’t say it enough thanks to all of you for commenting and listening.