Episode-2023- Charlie Mohr on Hole Nesting Bees for Pollination

The Summer Leaf Cutter Bee, A Bee You Can Raise this Year on Your Property

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Charlie Mohr is part of a Washington State business called Crown Bees that opened their doors in 2008. Their mission is to provide more food for the world using hole-nesting gentle bees.

Crown Bees supplies native bees, products, and great education through an online website and hundreds of nurseries across the US and Canada.

One of their key features is that they care about what they sell. They send out a monthly BeeMail newsletter telling their readers exactly what to do and expect each month for raising hole-nesting bees.

Today we discuss how you can raise hole nesting bees on  your property to improve bio diversity and pollination with as little as 45 minutes to one hour of work per year, yes YEAR on your own property.

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3 Responses to Episode-2023- Charlie Mohr on Hole Nesting Bees for Pollination

  1. Comment on the bamboo- I live in Kentucky, and there are large patches of native bamboo all around this area. Called River Cane (apparently they’ve recently decided that there’s also a distinct different version called Hill Cane) Arundinaria gigantea, and it can get to around 30 feet tall, in good conditions.

    If using native bamboo, I have one observation- they shrink a bit when cut, and if you cut them into the individual sections as you would for creating bee habitat, then you want to do that AFTER they’ve dried- do it before, and the open end will shrink and deform SEVERELY. Had a few almost close entirely.

    Assume any bamboo bought from a store is from out of the country unless labeled otherwise, or if you have learned how to differentiate them based on how the leaves attach to the stalk.

    Aside from that, lovely interview, excellent business. Nice website even.
    Funny story- we’ve had a bunch of mason bees nesting on our house; where the windowsill is, there’s a small section on the outside that forms a convenient tunnel for them, and they’ve nested there for years. First noticed this when I was sitting on a chair right next to a windowsill and a little black bee kept buzzing around right by my shoulder.

  2. Excellent interview! Fascinating info, and important. Thanks!

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