High Mowing Organic Seeds Renews their MSB Support

One really great benefit of the Member’s Brigade is discounts from about 20 different vendors.  Recently the two seed providers in the MSB (High Mowing and Seeds of Change) had their discount codes expire with the year’s end.   While I am still waiting to hear if Seeds of Change wants to renew High Mowing has signed up for another full year of support.

As before all MSB Members get free shipping on all orders with High Mowing Organic Seeds, this is an outstanding benefit especially on larger item orders.

January through March are great times for checking out seed catalogs and ordering seed stock for the coming year.  In order to improve the benefits of the Brigade I have reached out to three more great organizations that provide seed and gardening supplies.  One has already responded and will probably do something for the members.

At any time that you ever come across an expired code in the MSB just email me at jack at thesurvivalpodcast.com and I will do all I can to get it renewed as swiftly as possible.

5 Responses to High Mowing Organic Seeds Renews their MSB Support

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  2. This is a really great company and I am glad to see them here. Our local CSA turned me onto them and the work they do producing a quality product is coupled with legal action they take against the GMO industry including the US government as appropriate. They have had great success in lawsuits and I try to buy everything I can from them.

  3. Great news. I just received my catalog today.

  4. Crispy Critter

    I had great luck with the buckwheat I purchased from them last year. Will definitely order from these guys again.

  5. Not sure what’s up but I used the code from the members area and it gave me 10% off the net purchase, shipping stayed on.