Episode-548- Help – I am Overwhelmed and/or Stuck

I get a lot of emails that are in one form or another a version of today’s show title.  They go one of two main ways

1.  Jack, We are new to this and are having trouble getting started.  This is all so overwhelming we want to store food, learn to use firearms, plant a garden………………………..but just can’t seem to prioritize where to start.


2.  Jack, We have at this a long time, we have food stored, a garden going, evac plans, taken some training, etc.  But we know we are still not really prepared for anything more than the most basic disasters, we are trying to decide between ………………………………. as a next step, help, how can we move forward.

While the person in scenario one might wish to have the “problems” of the person in scenario two, the reality is the fix is the same for both of them.  Just like a NFL wide receiver may have caught 5,000,000 balls in his life if he starts to drop passes, the coaches do basic receiving drills with him, some he did back in high school.

When an offensive line starts allowing to many opponents to get to the quarterback the line coach goes “back to fundementals” and works on timing the snap, blocking, deflection, play memorization, etc.  Again things the players have done perhaps since they played Pop Warner.

Why?  –  Why do players making millions of dollars go back often to the same drills and training they used when they played JV in High School?  Because the game is the game is the game and it all comes back to fundamentals.    My Drill Sergeant told me on the firing line one day, “the day you think you don’t need to focus on fundamentals any more is the day your shooting reaches its peak and begins to decline”.   He was correct of course!

So join me today as we revisit the fundamentals of prepping, organizing, getting started, planning, moving forward and making prepping a positive part of your lifestyle.

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6 Responses to Episode-548- Help – I am Overwhelmed and/or Stuck

  1. Jack,

    Not a complaint, but felt you should know. This episode’s download into iTunes took more than 10 minutes. I downloaded other podcasts at the same time that took mere seconds.


  2. Great tribute to your friend Howell on youtube. Gave a good glimpse into his life. Good man.

  3. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box; — learn a new football play like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp0eiJpo5-0&feature=player_embedded

  4. I really enjoyed this show.

    Your Disaster Probability and preparations is much like FEMA’s Hazard Review programs and their “All Hazards” approach.

    The All Hazards theory is that all hazards have a lot in common in things you can do to mitigate them, prevent them or speed recovery. Much like “you have to eat every day right?”

    FEMA offers FREE (to you) on line training that is very useful and does not take more than an hour per course.


    I recommend: IS-271 Anticipating Hazardous Weather and Community Risk; IS-230.a Fundamentals of Emergency Management; IS-235 Emergency Planning; and IS-393.a Hazard Mitigation.

    If your work place wants you to take “continuing education” (like the Army does for me) these courses count. And you get a nice printable certificate after each one.

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  6. Excellent show, back to basics, and a great refresher for those of us new to this. I think that show you found on the radio must have been Coast to Coast AM. I love that show, it gets somewhat ‘out there’ on some topics, but it’s cool to hear what other people believe and think about the possibilities.