Heads Up on a Lifetime Membership Sale

A Limited Number of Lifetime MSB Memberships are Now Available

A Limited Number of Lifetime MSB Memberships will be Open Tomorrow

To be fair I am giving everyone a heads up on this a day in advance.  Tomorrow at 7 AM central a MSB Lifetime Membership sale will go live.  We are selling ten memberships by cash, check, money order or Paypal.  That will be it when we sell out we won’t take any more orders.

We will also be taking bitcoin and to help promote bitcoin we will take any and all lifetime orders in bitcoin until Friday at midnight our time.  This is simply to help promote bitcoin.  We will do some other cool things to support bitcoin soon.

The post to let members purchase is already written and scheduled to auto publish at 7AM so heads up to any that want in.  Generally our limited memberships sell out in a hour to a day tops.  With only 10 this time will be pretty quick.   Any existing member that paid in the past 60 days will be rebated for those dues, again full details will be posted at 7AM tomorrow morning.

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