Episode-167- The Debt Trap vs. The Survivalist

Today’s show cover’s how debt is created at the national level and why in our modern economy money can’t even exist with out debt.

More importantly it discusses what you individually can learn from this mess and apply to your own life.  Today we discuss how to get out of and stay out of debt and why it is as important to survivalism as growing food, learning to use a weapon or storing supplies.

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Legislation Discussed in Today’s Show

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2 Responses to Episode-167- The Debt Trap vs. The Survivalist

  1. Good show, but the US Treasury issues treasury bills, bonds and notes, not the FED. The FED sometimes monetizes debt by buying the instruments from the Treasury and then uses them to enact monetary policy by either holding the instruments (increasing money supply) or selling the instruments and holding cash (decreasing the money supply).

    Similar outcome, but different means. The FED needs the Treasury to issue debt to pull off what has been happening. Likewise, the Treasury needs authorization from congress. No congressional approval (or presidential signature) = no new debt = much fewer options for manipulation by the FED. Every time we vote for someone who voted for the stimulus bills, we take responsibility for the outcome.

  2. “This bill is a turd” ROFL!!!