Episode-1041- Mark Hamilton on Homesteading and Running a Micro Business

Mark, His Wife Anna and Faithful Companion Lucy.

Mark, His Wife Anna and Faithful Companion Lucy.

Mark Hamilton was born in Ohio and did a 6 year stint in US Navy.  From there he moved on to copier repair doing that for over a decade.  He also went to for photography and video work and for a time wedding videography and miscellaneous  construction jobs and worked as a  substitute teacher  Today he feels he has found his true passion as a full time homesteader and micro business operator.

Mark joins us today to discuss modern day homesteading along with how he and his wife are making supplemental income from a chicken waterer micro business.  We also discuss chicken pastures, deer deterrents, high density fruit orcharding, mini root cellars and a varitety of his projects.  Along with how people can get started with a modern homestead, a micro business or both and the role the web and blogging can play in doing that.

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21 Responses to Episode-1041- Mark Hamilton on Homesteading and Running a Micro Business

  1. Great show. I’ll have to read that book “Four Hour Work Week.” I have it on my Wish List at Amazon now.

    Kinda disappointed about no call-in show today. But I forgive ya, Jack, since I know you and Dorothy are busy preparing to move. I hope the new place is everything you want it to be.

    Looking forward to having my call-in question answered next week, maybe.

    • The 4 Hour Body & the 4 Hour Work Week were great. I just got the 4 Hour Chef. In an interview with Robb Wolf, Tim Ferris talked about prepping. I would love to hear him on the TSP.

  2. This was a very good show. So encouraging. Been thinking about a watering system for all these turkeys. Love it when someone else has a proven answer. off to visit the blog

  3. The Walden Effect is one of my favorite blogs — lots of practical info on permaculture, chicken pasturing, homesteading, etc. — so this show is a really nice surprise!

  4. I already bought their business book. I can’t wait to listen to the show.

  5. Great show, very inspirational.

  6. I had trouble catching the name of the “hot cube” that would turn on the power when it hits 34 degrees. Did anyone catch the full name and have any idea where this product can be seen/bought? I feel like it would have a lot of applications especially if there are models with adjustable thermostats.

  7. What was the Lee Wright book that Mark mentioned re fruit trees?


  8. With our HOT summers in the South, in addition to water to drink, it is a good idea to give your backyard flocks water to walk/stand in in shallow containers. We did this for our quail and none suffered any ill effects from the heat. We also put frozen water bottles into water bowls and gave them fresh watermelon around noon and later afternoon. Last, we used a 1/4 tsp baking powder, 1/8th tsp kosher salt, 1/4 tsp sugar in their water to make a cheap natural electrolyte drink for them (like gatorade). I know Winter’s here (more or less) but Summer is our big concern down here in the Southern states and birds can and will succumb to heat stroke without proper precautions.

  9. Sorry forgot to say that you mix all those ingredients into a gallon of water for the electrolyte drink.

  10. Great show. It gave me a lot of ideas and things to think about trying out. Thanks for turning me on to the guys blog.

  11. Great show. Just got the chance to listen to it this morning. The wife and I are in the process of getting our little bit of acreage and I am making the list of the things I want to grow that we did not grow when I was living on my grandparents farm as a kid. Great resources and Mark’s website is full of good stuff as well.

  12. Hi Jack,

    Great show here. Mark mentioned a book by Lee Wright (?) and suggested that it would have helped him sidestep some of the mistakes they’ve made since moving to their homestead. I can’t find this book. Any chance you get a link up for it – or just author and title?

    Many thanks! Keep up the good work.

  13. What was the apple type he spoke about? Sounded like “zee star” and he mentioned “ballard farm” in new york, but I’ve found neither in my googling.