Guest Interview Series to Kick Off on Thursday

Well it is summer time and after all the efforts extended in 2011 thus far the wife and I need a vacation.  So we are off to sunny Florida this week, we will be leaving Friday and not returning until 22nd of June.

Of course you know I don’t like to leave the audience with out a show even one day much less for almost two weeks so for the past two weeks I have been working very hard to record some show that will air during my absence.  In addition to some typical shows that I have pre recorded I have lined up 6 awesome guests and put together some amazing interview shows for you.  Here is the line up you can look forward to…

  • 6-9-11 – Frank Sharpe Jr. of Fortress Defense Consultants – On real world self defense, advanced firearms training, situational awareness and future dangers in America. – Frank’s Website
  • 6-13-11 – M.J. Demarco – Author of The Millionaire Fastlane – On building a business, preserving wealth, the college scam and the five financial lies and the liars that them. – M.J.’s Website
  • 6-14-11 –  Chef Keith Snow – Founder of – On cooking with our preps, fantastic peasant food, developing your cooking skill set and cooking from your garden. – Keith’s Website
  • 6-15-11 – Eric Wilke – Emergency Medicine Doctor – On common diseases with potential to kill and how they can be recognized and treated in a SHTF scenario. – Dr. Wilkes Tumblr Blog
  • 6-16-11 – Rob Mies – Director, – On attracting bats to your area, their value for insect control and common myths that make us fear bats irrationally.  – Rob’s Website
  • 6-21–11 –  Dr. Kyle Christensen – Founder, Western Botanicals – On commone sense self treatment with herbs, improving health naturally, the dangers of government health care and more. – Dr. Christensen’s Website

In addition there will be shows pretty much every day I am gone, we may not have a show on 22nd but other than that the show will rock on.  Putting together a series like this took a lot of work but when I go on vacation I try to really work hard to make sure you guys don’t miss many shows.  I will also be running an MSB Discount during my absence, the code will be announced in the house keeping of all shows from 6-9-11 through 6-21-11.

5 Responses to Guest Interview Series to Kick Off on Thursday

  1. ComputerGuy

    Now that is an ALL STAR lineup.

  2. dang, was Paul Wheaton booked up? I was looking forward to another interview with him! That said, I’m looking forward to every one of these interviews.

  3. I’m sure we’ll learn some fabulous information with this line up!

  4. Enjoy your vacation Jack. You and Dorothy deserve it!

  5. RustyAlpaca

    Awesome line up! I really appreciate your dedication to give us a show every day.