Great Interview I did with Diego Footer

Check out the Permaculture Voices Podcast

Check out the Permaculture Voices Podcast

I just took the time to do an interview with Diego Footer on his podcast Permaculture Voices.  It is fun to on occasion be on the other side of an interview.  It lets you get more in touch with what people really want to know.

It is one thing to get questions every day but getting a question with multiple on the fly follow ups is different.

We had a blast, it was about business including typical businesses, lifestyle businesses like TSP and even on farm businesses like what we are doing with Nine Mile Farm.

If you are new to TSP and don’t know how this show came to be, it will be fun for you as well.

Here is the online archive of the podcast.

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2 Responses to Great Interview I did with Diego Footer

  1. Obvious but..

    People often want to ‘reap’ without ‘sowing’ & they want to plant today and harvest tomorrow. Often, they don’t even want to ‘learn how to sow & care for’.. they just want the ‘secret to reaping’.

    And of course they’re comparing their newly planted field (I planted a month ago!), to someone else’s mature permaculture property.

    The ‘solution’ is also obvious. Plant the tree today. Nurture and protect the tree until it ‘matures’ and starts ‘bearing fruit’.

    Yeah, you may find a ‘secret fertilizer’ that helps speed up the maturation of your tree. But you won’t find one that’s going to give you fruit in a month.

    Be patient and trust ‘nature’.

  2. This is a very good interview and awesome topic. Thanks Jack