Go Bag Group Buy

Since the last group buy for MOLLE Pouches sold out in 2.5 hours, TSP Gear Shop worked out another deal with SO Tech. This time for their very popular Go Bag Extended. This is a versatile, high quality, sling bag that is Made in the USA. Extremely durable and has a lifetime guarantee.

Originally $135.00, it is now available for $105.00 with Free Shipping. MSB can take another 10% off.

This SO Tech Go-Bag was originally designed for Helicopter crews and Humvee personnel, so that in the event of a crisis, they could grab the bag on the way out of the vehicle. It fits perfectly in the spaces which are too small for full-size backpack. The options for this bag are endless. The Medics fit a roll-up stretcher in it, the Spec Op shooters use it for E & E kits, and when you’re not shooting and moving, it’s a great Bail-Out-Bag for your car, home or gym. It can also be a take down rifle bag, with the large outer pockets holding 4, 30 round mags in each.


To participate in this group buy, visit the product listing at TSP Gear Shop. You can also add any other items in the store, and we will ship them together. Shipping is free and MSB members get an additional 10% off.

2 Responses to Go Bag Group Buy

  1. Wondering when go bags will be shipped.

  2. They are on their way to us from SO Tech, so it shouldn’t be much longer before they ship out to everyone who ordered.