Get the New Survival Podcast Android Application

Survive! 1.0 is now live on the Android Market.  It’s free to download and compatible with all Android mobile devices. Now you can access The Survival Podcast content from the convenience of your smartphone.  Download and listen to recent podcast episodes, watch all the great TSP YouTube videos, get real time twitter updates and keep tabs on hot thread’s from the TSP forum.

With Survive! in your pocket, you’ll never have to miss an episode.  Featuring content from The Survival Podcast, Survive! is your daily guide to living a better life.  Learn about self-sufficient living, with instructional videos and daily podcasts featuring topics such as home gardening and permaculture, personal finance, firearms, food storage, and much more!

Quick feature summary :

  • access to the tsp podcast feed, can stream or download podcast episodes, view shownotes, share them via email, post them on twitter.
  • access to the tsp youtube channel, can share videos via email or twitter, watch all videos in the youtube player
  • access the tsp twitter feed
  • see the last 20 posts on the tsp forums, selecting one links you right to that thread on your website.

For those looking for an iPhone application the hold up has been that Apple did not approve our first attempt at an app.  The iTunes store doesn’t want a app that basically just monitors RSS feeds.   We are working  a few angles to try to come up with something that will appease the Apple Gods and allow us into their realm.

To get the android app just go to the android marketplace and search for “Survive” the app should be the top entry.  You will see our mascot “Val” as the applications icon.  Many thanks to Jason Hudgins for developing this application.

19 Responses to Get the New Survival Podcast Android Application

  1. Cool! Anxiously awaiting the iPhone app! 🙂

  2. AWESOME! I’m so excited to see this for android!

  3. Outstanding!!!!

  4. Once again, when Apple doesn’t, Droid does. :p

  5. Very cool! Thanks for putting this app out for android.

  6. Apple let the Morning Coach app in and it basically monitors an RSS feed. Crazy Apple.

    Anyway, could there be a section to login to our MSB and see the specials and links?

  7. Jack:

    The app is very cool. I love it. It is much easier than downloading the podcast and copying to the phone.

    The only question I had is about the add-in app TuneWiki. It seems rather invasive. Why does it need know my location and have the ability to read my phone’s state and identity? It could be that I am just being paranoid.

    I did not install it. What is your advice? Are the benefits of the add-in worth any detractions?



  8. Modern Survival

    Curt, you will have to hope that Jason answers that for you. I don’t own a droid and other than a few videos I have not actually had the opportunity to see the app work. I simply authorized Jason to build it and make it available. That said many iPhone apps request location. Rest assured your provider knows your location already though and that information can be acquired. Most apps ask for it to provide you with information, it isn’t transmitted to anyone else unless that is the purpose of the app, like a find each other app or something.

  9. Curt,
    TuneWiki uses your coarse location(by coarse i mean it’s not a precise fix) for a feature that lets user look at a map and see what other music people near them are listening to. It’s anonymous as well, so don’t let that scare you off.
    The advantage of using TuneWiki, is that it communicates with Survive! about the play state, which means if you stop a listening to a podcast halfway in, you can resume it where you left off, and the app can also ‘mark as read’, when you’re finished. Other music players will work, but they don’t have this extra functionality.

    -Jason (Survive! developer)

  10. Jack and Jason:

    I got it, thanks. I don’t want to sound paranoid, but Google doesn’t really screen their apps like Apple does. There are pros and cons to that approach.

    I knew that coming from you guys that there would not be a problem. You’ve always steered me in the right direction.

    Thanks for developing the app and making it available. I’m sure it will help spread the “Word”.

  11. Any chance for a Windows mobile port Jason?

    Sounds like a great app.

  12. Sorry, I don’t have the know how to make a Windows mobile app, I’m mainly a java guy, but if someone wants to step up and help make a port I’m open to sharing my resources.

  13. Thanks!
    Google listen was really starting to piss me off. It seems to think I want to listen to episode 422 every day.

  14. There are plenty of rrs reader apps for the iphone that fetch a.k.a monitor rss feeds. Strange, they didn’t accept yours.

  15. Modern Survival

    I used a place called Mother App and I guess they got to turn key for apples taste.

  16. Jason. I have visual Studio 2010 and may be able to port the Java source in an applet that runs on windows mobile. (Are you developing with Java ME? (won’t know if I can till I try). I’m just getting back into programming after a 15 year hiatus and have no idea what I can or can’t do yet. (Ignorance is bliss LOL).

    I also work with Windows Embedded and may be able to do something with that. (Just got my Embedded 7 upgrade trial and can’t wait to play with it, if I can ever find the time).

    PM me on the forum and we’ll have a chat.



  17. My dreams have finally come true!!! The power of TSP at my fingertips via Android!!! Maybe I won’t have to go through Google Listen anymore?

  18. Now you just need to have a Members Support Brigade version. 😉