Get Into a Private Q&A Session with Gary Vaynerchuk

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On March 2nd I had the honor of having one of my true heros in business Gary Vaynerchuk on the show.  He has also really been blown away by the response from my audicence that he has made an offer to do more with us.

Before I go on I want to state that I understand that only about 10% of people really want to own a business of their own and so only about 10% of the audience are deeply interested in this as well.    So if you are not interested in this session just ignore this post, it is mainly so I can mention it only briefly on the air and direct interested people to this post for complete details.

For those that do want to build a business from a small time blog to a big company this is a truly rare opportunity.  To participate all you have to do is buy 5 copies of Gary’s new book “The Thank You Economy” and email your receipt to Gary at and when you do CC me at jack at   So what do you do with 5 books, give 4 of them away.   If you already bought one copy give all 5 away, if you are in business you need to network and this book as a gift is an awesome way to network.

Anyone doing this will be allowed to participate in a private 1 hour closed door session with Gary and myself conducted online via GoToMeeting.  I really want to point out that Fortune 500 companies pay tens of thousands of dollars to get Gary to speak to their employees for an hour.  5 copies of his book will cost you about 70 dollars, less than a conference ticket to get in and see Gary in a crowded room. This is one of Gary’s very few closed door sessions and it will not be published for the general public, it will be for attendees only.  The session will be some time in April.

Wait it gets better!  I realize that if they is really successful and say 50 or more people get involved not everyone will be able to ask questions also that we will not be able to go into deep specifics.  So I will be doing my own private sessions after the session Gary does.   I will do sessions that are two hours in length vs. one hour.   I will also do one session per 20 participants in the program so if say 45 people do this I will do two sessions of two hours each or if 64 do it I will do three two hour sessions.

All participants will get to attend all of my sessions but priority for questions will be given to attendees that have not asked a question in a prior session.   I haven’t done anything like this in over three years and don’t intend on doing it again any time soon.  I am also going to do a minimum of two sessions no matter how few people participate so at minimum you get an hour with Gary and four hours with me.  My sessions will be recorded and a copy given to all attendees but they will not be published publicly.

So there you go an hour with Gary, at minimum four additional hours with me discussing any aspects of business you wish to discuss.  All for buying 5 copies of The Thank You Economy and using them to network with other entrepreneurs.  You can find The Thank You Economy on Amazon at this link you also don’t have to buy from Amazon you can buy from any source.  Again make sure to email Gary at and CC me at jack at with your reciept after you place your order.


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  1. Wow, this sounds like a great opportunity. How will the closed door sessions take place?

  2. Modern Survival

    @Daniel, looks like we will use GoToMeeting.

  3. Nick LaDieu

    Hey! I wasn’t that far off with the upstream live. You said I wasn’t even close. Ha ha. I’ll be in on this fo sho!!

  4. Jack-
    I know this is a promotion for Gary’s latest book. But what if we do the same thing, only with “Crush It”? Can we still qualify? I think “Crush It” is a bit more relevant to the small business owner which is who I am working with.

    I’m looking forward to this either way.


  5. urbandweller

    Where will the session be or is via web conference.

    • Modern Survival


      As above in my response to Daniel and from the first sentence in the fourth paragraph of the post.

      “Anyone doing this will be allowed to participate in a private 1 hour closed door session with Gary and myself conducted online via GoToMeeting.”

      I mean we sure don’t expect that everyone could travel for this thing. Thanks for asking and hope to see you in the sessions.

  6. Modern Survival

    @Nick you were very close but I wanted to keep up the suspense.

    @Gregg, nope, this is Gary’s party and Gary’s rules.

  7. Modern Survival

    @Gregg also I can tell you that The Thank You Economy will definitely help small entrepreneurs as much if not more than big companies. Why? Small businesses and sole entrepreneurs are smart enough to LISTEN and apply the knowledge.

    I think most big companies are still in 2002 as far as the net goes and won’t get on board for 2-5 more years, that time is our real opportunity.

  8. Jack, I regrettably am not in the financial position at this time to do this book purchase thing. However, I want to mention something from a prior podcast of yours that struck me deeply and has not left my mind since. You had a guest (I wish I could remember who) that related the saga of how he had reached rock bottom financially, and so he and his wife were living in a spare room at a relative’s house. And then he just took hold of himself and made the life-changing declaration to himself that he would never again seek to make a living based upon what he DID, but instead based upon what he KNEW. Thus he would become self-employed.

    That was one of the most profound things I’d ever heard anyone say. And my respect goes out to him and to anyone else who takes that sort of tack on life.

    Meanwhile, I once started my own business about 9 years ago, and due to my own bad decisions my business failed. That was a painful experience. And so to this day I can never glance at a passing commercial van or pick-up truck with a business logo on its side (like “Charlie’s Landscaping” or “Bob’s Roofing” or whatever) without saying to myself, “There goes someone who succeeded where I failed.” I have the ut most respect for anyone who can launch a small one-person business (and even build it into a multi-employee business) and keep it afloat all by themselves.

    I think if anyone in your listenership who believes they might have what it takes to run their own business should definitely seek out the wisdom of such a book and such a podcast.

  9. Modern Survival

    @oil lady, Please understand everyone of those people probabally failed many times before they succeeded. I can tell you I failed a LOT before I made it work for me. Also don’t compare your success to others it just leads to misery someone has always done better than you so judge your life on getting what you want, not beating out the next guy.

    • Once again, Jack offers advice that is shrewd, upbeat and humanely sympathetic all at the same time.

      Thank you, sir. More sage words to think about.

      • Oil Lady: Jack beat me to it and he´s spot on. You said it yourself, it´s all about believing that you have what it takes! The biggest difference between a successful and non-successful business person is that the former doesn´t give up after the first failure, because rarely a business person will succeed at the first try. Who knows how many failed businesses “Charlie” or “Bob” has behind them? They might have failed X number of times until they finally had the necessary knowledge to succeed! Just because you failed once doesn´t mean you shouldn´t keep trying, you wouldn´t make those bad decisions that you did in your first business again would you? Like Thomas Edison said while trying to find the right material for the light bulb: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

  10. Oil lady – some more free and unsolicited advise! If you are interested in going into business, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE PERFECT IDEA OCCURS TO YOU. I started my company (Waterhole Software) 4 years ago with the idea I would sell custom software. 4 years later, 100% of my revenue is providing technology consulting to law enforcement agencies – be flexible and always look for opportunities. But the first step, just doing it is the most important. Believe it or not, you’ll figure it out the best business for you somewhere along the way.

    Good luck!


  11. Just went ahead and purchased the 5 copies, seems like a minuscule entrance fee for what you’re getting. However, it did occur to me after receiving Gary’s automated email response that perhaps I could have done a better subject line than ‘Fwd: Your Order with’ So I figured I’d ask, both for me in case I should re-send the receipt with a more appropriate subject line, and for anyone else out there who hasn’t purchased yet: Jack is there a particular subject line you’re going to be filtering on or anything to ease the handling of these receipt emails? Thanks for the amazing deal

  12. Modern Survival

    @Justin, no worries man! I just responded and Gary has a team of email screeners on this. Also I am keeping record of all the CCing so no one gets left out.

  13. Receipt is on the way! Best 65.00 I’ve spent in a while. I do Prime, so shipping was free. I highly recommend Amazon Prime.

  14. I’m game.
    Sounds like a great opportunity.

  15. Just bought the books, looking forward to participating!

    • @Justin S, me to after I forwarded the recipe I thought there should be a special subject line or something, Jack has things under control. Looking forward to the meeting and giving the books away. Thanks

  16. Buying the books right now and looking forward to giving them away. Although, I would have liked a link in the post so I could just click and buy (and support this site). Any idea if the meeting will be on a week day, weekend, evening, etc?

  17. nevermind…found the link. duh!

  18. Just bought the books, this is great!
    Awesome Opportunity, Thx

  19. Modern Survival

    I will be making the formal announcement on Monday along with a cut off date for participation in this but will let those monitoring this thread know now that the session will be the evening of 4-20-11.

  20. Am I too late for this one? Do let me know if I can still hop on board here.

  21. Modern Survival

    @Stefan, nope I am going to announce a sunset date tomorrow along with the date and time of the event.